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Volunteering at Different Library Locations

For all Locations

Each CWS class should have an instructor and at least one floater. If no one has volunteered to be an instructor or floater for a given class, the CWS Coordinator will be there to fill this position. For each location, plan to arrive approximately 15 minutes before the class begins. At the beginning of the workshop, please mention that the program is a collaboration between the library and the UNC-CH Libraries. Introduce yourself and any colleagues who are assisting you, and share what your affiliation is with the university or the library.

Please leave time at the end of the workshop to answer any remaining questions, have the participants fill out the brief evaluation form, and show participants how to access the Handouts and Resources tabs on the website so that they can refer to these resources outside of class. If participants seem interested in additional help, be sure to let them know about any upcoming Open Lab sessions. Participants may also like to review handouts ahead of time for classes they plan to take in the future to see what the class will cover and begin familiarizing themselves with the material. Each location will also have paper copies of the schedule of classes for their location if requested; these will be kept with the handouts and can be given to participants who would like a paper copy. The evaluation is voluntary and confidential, and is extremely helpful in providing ongoing feedback about the program. The evaluation form can now be completed online at the Chapel Hill and Carrboro libraries by clicking on the Feedback tab, but there are also paper forms located with the handouts for those patrons who prefer the paper version. Durham has its own feedback form which is currently only available in paper form.

After the workshop, please fill out the brief instructor Report Form . Please include a note about any difficulties, problems or successes you had during the session, as well as any questions or suggestions you may have, whether about participants, library staff, equipment, procedures, or the lesson plan/handout. Only instructors are asked to fill out this form, though floaters are welcome to send any comments or suggestions by email (see the Contact page). The report form is also where the number of participants for each class are recorded, so please be sure to note the number of participants in attendance before the class ends.

Carrboro Cybrary
100 N. Greensboro St., Carrboro, NC 27510 | Phone: 919.918.7387 Fax: 919.969.3008 | See the Cybrary website for more information about the library

Classes are held Saturday mornings from 10:00-11:00am
Microsoft Office 2010 is currently available at this location; use corresponding handouts for Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Resume Writing classes (Operating system: Windows 7)

A Cybrary librarian will open the facility for you to begin the workshop and help you set up. Plan to arrive 10 to 15 minutes before the workshop is scheduled to begin. The doors will remain locked until the start of the class and the staff are unable to see the front door from where they are situated, so please call the main Cybrary phone number (919-918-7387) when you arrive to have the staff member on duty let you in. Parking is available in the lot across Greensboro Street and in any of the nearby public parking (there is not a dedicated lot for the location though, so availability varies). The bus does run to this location on Saturdays. The Cybrary is located within the Carrboro Century Center, the entrance for the library has a sign for the Cybrary on the doors.

The library staff member will reserve the computers used for the class so that they are available for participants. There are 6 PCs to use for the workshops which are arranged at a circular table in front of the circulation/reference desk. If you are leading a class on Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint, please be aware that the Cybrary currently has the 2010 version of these programs on their computers. Also be aware that the only internet browser available on these computers is Internet Explorer. The staff member present will get the handouts and feedback forms for you, they will be stored in a cabinet behind the circulation/reference desk. The Cybrary staff calls participants to remind them of the workshop. If there are participants who are unable to attend, the staff will call a waiting list to try to have a full workshop for each session. To help keep accurate statistics, please check off the names of participants as they arrive. **Drop-ins: There is a limit of six computers in the space available for class, however walk-ins are welcome when space is available. Please be sure to note walk-in participants for attendance purposes as well.

At the close of the class, return any extra handouts, the attendance sheet and the feedback forms to the library staff member.

Chapel Hill Public Library
100 Library Drive, Chapel Hill , NC 27514 | Phone: 919.968.2777 | See the Chapel Hill Library website for more information about the library

Classes are held Tuesday evenings from 6:00-7:30pm
Microsoft Office 2013 is currently available at this location, but our handouts do not yet reflect this; use Microsoft Office 2010 handouts for Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Resume Writing classes (Operating system: Windows 7)

Instructors and floaters should arrive at 5:45pm at the downstairs service desk near the computer classroom, located on the lower level of the library on the side of the building as you drive up Library Drive.This entrance is on the lower level; to get to the computer lab, walk in the downstairs entrance, pass the Friends bookstore, and to the service desk. The computer lab is directly past the desk, on the right-hand side. The instructor should also get out the handouts to give to the participants as they arrive. The handouts can be found behind the service desk in the bottom drawer of the file cabinet closest to the windows.

There is a folder behind the service desk with the sign up sheets for each CWS class. The sheet at the top will be for the current week and will have the names of all participants who signed up ahead of time. The floater should use this list to check off participants' names as they walk in. This helps the CHPL librarians to keep track of sign-ups vs. attendance. **Drop-ins: We've had no-shows for most workshops, so if folks drop by who aren't registered, it's okay to let them in if there is space and the instructor approves.

It is important to finish class on time as the library staff will need to prepare the computer lab for closing. Be sure to file extra handouts, completed and unused feedback forms in their labeled folders in the file cabinet behind the service desk.

Durham Southwest Branch Library
3605 Shannon Road, Durham, NC 27701 | 919.560.8590 | See the Durham Southwest Branch website for more information about the library

Classes are held Saturday mornings from 10:00am-12:00pm

The Southwest Branch opens at 9:30am on Saturdays, so the doors should be open by the time you arrive, and there is a parking lot in front of the library that you can park in for free. It is important to arrive approximately 15 minutes before class is scheduled to begin to prepare for the class, though the computers should already be set up and reserved. If you are the instructor for the class, when you arrive you should go to the information desk. Tell the librarian at the desk that you're here to lead the Community Workshop class, and they should be able to give you the handouts, feedback forms, login passwords, and any other necessary supplies.

There are two blocks of computers used for classes with a total of 10 computers. They are located all the way to the right side of the building near the teen section. There is a small aisle between the two blocks of computers so it is important for the instructor to speak loudly to reach all participants and for the floater(s) to be active in helping participants follow along. There is no instructor computer or projector to use, so you may need to rely on the handouts for illustrative purposes. Please note that if these computers become idle once logged in (which occurs after 10 minutes of no use), the session will time out and will require the computer to be restarted. To avoid this, during any longer periods of explanation where participants are not using their computers, please ask them to simply shake their mouse.

The Southwest Branch staff will provide an attendance sheet with a list of participants who have registered for the class along with the handouts. If there is space for folks who didn't sign up but want to participate, feel free to let them join the class. Just be sure to note who attended the class by checking or writing-in names on the attendance sheet.

At the close of the class, return any extra handouts, the attendance sheet and the feedback forms to the Information Desk.

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