About this Site

This digital project presents original primary source material on the “Siamese Twins, ” Eng and Chang Bunker, from the special collections in Wilson Library at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

The following collections in Wilson Library hold materials on the Bunkers:

The Southern Historical Collection holds the Chang and Eng Bunker Papers, which contains many of the original letters and documents shown on this site.

The North Carolina Collection contains a wealth of printed material on the Bunkers, from early pamphlets and broadsides to modern novels and biographies.

The North Carolina Collection Photographic Archives holds several original photographs of Chang and Eng Bunker and their wives and families.

The North Carolina Collection Gallery holds a large account book that was maintained by the Bunkers, and several artifacts and museum objects related to the twins and their lives and times. The Gallery also maintains a permanent exhibit on the Bunkers.

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