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About the Donor

Howard Holsenbeck made his first gift to the University Library when he graduated in 1963 and has not missed a year since. His gifts have supported numerous library acquisitions; the gift that assisted creation of this website is the first in support of the Carolina Digital Library and Archives.

Special Thanks

This project would not have been possible without the critical guidance and scholarly expertise of William Smith Wells Professor Michael R. McVaugh (Emeritus—Department of History), the driving force behind the initiation of the project and its continued development. Dr. McVaugh donated innumerable hours of his time and invaluable knowledge of medieval medicine to the creation of all aspects of this project—from image descriptions and subject terms to manuscript identifications and bibliographic suggestions. Thanks also to Associate Professor Kathryn Starkey (Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures) for providing image descriptions and to Assistant Professor Brett Whalen (Department of History) and N. Ferebee Taylor Professor of the History of Art Jaroslav Folda (Department of Art) for supplying bibliographic materials.

Project Team

Stephanie Adamson
Kelly Bezio
Libby Chenault
Jaroslav Folda
Michael McVaugh
Jennifer Merriman
Allison Rainey
Bill Richards
Natasha Smith
Fred Stipe
Patrick Tomlin
Brett Whalen

The scene above depicts an eye surgery. The image is part of a manuscript held by the Bodleian Library in Oxford, MS Ashmole 1462, folio 10r.
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