Louis Manigault (1828-1899) was a member of a prominent and influential family of rice planters from South Carolina and Georgia. In 1833, his father, Charles Manigault (1795-1874), purchased Gowrie and East Hermitage plantations located on Argyle Island in the Savannah River, several miles upstream from the port of Savannah. Louis managed these properties for his father from the 1850s through the Civil War and Reconstruction.

The Manigault Plantation Journal, compiled by Louis Manigault between 1856 and 1879, includes information on plantation life, slaves and slavery, rice cultivation, market conditions, accounts, and other topics. Notes and memoranda kept by Charles Manigault regarding the plantations during the 1830s and 1840s were pasted into the journal. Pages of particular interest include:

The Manigault Plantation Journal is part of the Manigault Family Papers (#484), housed in the Manuscripts Department of The Wilson Library. An inventory of the materials in this collection is available at the Manuscripts Department's website.