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Currency from every historical era and geographical location represented in the numismatic collection has been identified for digitization to be including in this online resource.

The site is organized in chronological order and sections will be added as they are digitized. Each section contains a brief overview of the specimens and contains some historic background pertaining to the time period. The digitized images can be viewed either within their time context or can be browsed by selecting the Browse this Collection link at the top of any page.

This site was designed and produced by staff members, volunteers, and students of the North Carolina Collection Gallery, The North Carolina Collection, and University Library of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2006 and 2007.

All of the images of digitized specimans have been cataloged individually and are searchable through the UNC Library Digital Collections page.

The images in the header graphic are as follows:
One Yuan issued by the Central Bank of China depicting Chiang Kai-shek
A Greek coin
Sir Walter Raleigh coin from 1937
Bechtler Gold coin from 1834
Five hundred dollar Confederate States of America bill.
North Carolina issued in 1748

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For information about identifiying and appraising coins and paper money, please check the Suggested Numismatic References.