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The Colonial Era [1600s-1774]

The numismatic collection administered by the North Carolina Collection Gallery currently contains thirty-eight examples of North Carolina paper money from the colony’s authorizations of 1748, 1754, 1757, 1758, 1760, 1761, 1768, and 1771. It does not, however, hold any examples of North Carolina’s 1734-1735 issues or any of the colony’s handwritten bills of credit produced between 1712 and 1729.


Carolina Elephant Toke Carolina Elephant Token

Although the Gallery does not have an original 1694 Carolina Elephant token, it does have an interesting study collection of both high- and low-quality reproductions of this mysterious piece. Depicted to the right is one of those reproductions. Expertly crafted, this copy was produced in unknown numbers; and over the years, it has been mistaken to be an original and has been marketed as one of the strikes made in the Tower Mint in London for the Carolina Colony’s “Lords Proprietors.” To learn much more about the history of the Carolina Elephant token and about its known reproductions, click here to see an article written by Gallery Keeper, Neil Fulghum for the American Numismatic Society’s December 2005 issue of The Colonial Newsletter.

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