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New Series Volume 3

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Inserted in front of volume: handwritten letter from "Clara" to "Margaret" explaining that this volume came to her from Louise Taylor, who "belonged" to a Kentucky family that married into "our" family. On the side of the letter, Margaret has written "Clara Hyde gave me the book when they moved to [Rivers?] Fork Fla."

Text of letter:

Jan 13/53 Tuesday

Margaret Darling: So glad to hear you like the old book of songs. I rather feared giving them to you. They are rather faded looking. Louise Taylor belonged to a Kentucky family that married into ours. For a long time her family name served as a first name for the first born boys. I belive[sic?] the book was one of a number put out by a music publisher in those days and if you ordered a copy, your name was engraved in gold letters. I loved the thing and always reveled in the grand flamboyant introductions. And I think it really has some nice old songs, that are not sung, or even known today. I'm so glad you enjoy it ... and appreciate it. It was just one of those things you couldn't bear to destroy. The weather down here, moist and warm is fatal to books. I gave away a great many, but feel I should not have brought what I did. Our house is really darling, neighbors, as sweet as can be. I belong to the Church Auxiliary and have been invited into the Woman's Club. But mostly, I want to write. Lots of love and luck, Margaret, and thanks so much for the letter.

Love Clara.

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