) Citing Information

Chicago: Print Sources

Below are examples of citations as they may appear in a reference list. The examples are meant to be illustrative and do not encompass every possible situation. If you have questions about citing particular types of sources or dealing with particular situations, you should consult the Chicago Manual of Style or contact a reference librarian.

Note that, in the Author-Date system, titles of periodicals (newspapers, journals, magazines) are capitalized as they normally are; book titles and article titles have only the first word of the title (and of any subtitles), as well as proper nouns, capitalized.

Book (view detail)

Scholz, Christopher H. 2002. The mechanics of earthquakes and faulting. New York: Cambridge University Press.

Book with Multiple Authors (view detail)

Fildes, Alan, and Joann Fletcher. 2001. Alexander the Great: Son of the gods. London: Duncan Baird.

Edited Book (view detail)

Li, Albert P., and Robert H. Heflich, eds. 1991. Genetic toxicology. Boca Raton: CRC Press.

Article in an Edited Book (view detail)

Haldon, John. 2002. "Humour and the everyday in Byzantium." In Humour, history, and politics in late antiquity and the early Middle Ages, edited by Guy Halsall, 48-71. New York: Cambridge University Press.

Translated Book (view detail)

Freud, Sigmund. 1950. Beyond the pleasure principle. Translated by James Strachey. New York: Liveright.

Article from a Scholarly Journal (view detail)

Gezon, Lisa L. 2002. "Marriage, kin, and compensation: A socio-political ecology of gender in Ankarana, Madagascar." Anthropological Quarterly 75 (4): 675-706.

Newspaper Article (view detail)
Newspapers are often cited only in notes and are omitted from the works-cited page. They may be included, however, at the author's discretion. The format given here represents how these sources would be listed in a works-cited page. The starting page should be given for newspaper articles, but inclusive page numbers are not required, especially if the article is presented in non-contiguous sections.

Becker, Elizabeth. 2003. "U.S threatens to act against Europeans over modified foods." New York Times, Jan. 10.

Magazine Article (view detail)
The starting page number should be given for magazine articles, but inclusive page numbers are not required, especially if the article is presented in non-contiguous sections.

Couper, Heather, and Nigel Henbest. 2002. "The hunt for Planet X." New Scientist, 14 December, 30-34.

Images from a Book/Journal (view detail)

Delaroche, Paul. 1829. "Portrait of a Woman," pastel drawing (Ackland Art Museum, Chapel Hill, NC). In European Drawings from the Collection of the Ackland Art Museum, by Carol C. Gillham and Carolyn H. Wood. Chapel Hill: The Museum, University of North Carolina, 2001, page 93.