Search Hints for the Map Finder

  • The Map Finder search engine is a simple search. The term that is typed into the search box is applied verbatim to the records in the database.

  • Do not use quotation marks, boolean operators, or any other unconventional characters with the Map Finder search feature! Unconventional characters, such as: ; , * , " , > , < , etc. will be filtered out of your search.

  • Search terms are not case sensitive. For example, typing 'river' or 'RIVER' will yield the same results.

  • When performing a truncated search, simply entering the beginning of a word will suffice; you do not need to use a wildcard character such as an asterisk. For example, entering 'south' will return results including 'south', 'southern', 'South Africa', etc.

  • You can use multiple search terms in one search. If the results received are not as expected, however, try using the search terms separately. When two or more words are entered in succession, the search engine will look for those words as a phrase. For example, typing 'Lake Michigan' will return only results in which the word 'Lake' is immediately followed by the word 'Michigan.' However, entering 'Michigan' alone will yield results that may have been omitted from the previous search.

Use your browser's "BACK" button to return to your search