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[Source Description: 6 June 1963: Letter from eight professors from the UNC School of Law to President William Friday. - From the Records of the Office of President - William C. Friday Files (#40009), University Archives, Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.]

Document Description

In spring 1963, the student chapter of the NAACP petitioned the UNC Administration to eliminate segregation in ward assignments at the North Carolina Memorial Hospital. The petition was referred to a committee of the Board of Trustees. During the deliberations, several law professors penned this letter to remind President Friday of the historical role of the University as a leader in human relations and suggested that "the University adopt a policy of utilizing off-campus facilities in connection with University sponsored functions where no alumni, students, or other interested and legitimate participants would be denied access on the basis of race." The letter went on to urge that no other University services be offered to those who discriminate on the basis of race and that the athletic programs be fully integrated.