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[Source Description: 29 July 1963: Photograph, Pat Cusick being loaded into a police squad car. Reproduced with permission from the photographer.]

COPYRIGHT NOTICE: This image is material protected by United States copyright law. Please email the photographer, Jim Wallace, at WallacePhotos@aol.com to request permission to reproduce this image.

Document Description

Patrick Cusick once said in an interview that Police Chief William Blake was a formidable adversary to desegregation demonstrators. It was not because of any violent tactic he employed, but rather because he was well versed in the philosophy of civil disobedience. According to Cusick, Chief Blake had been reading works by Mahatma Gandhi since the 1940s. Blake also recognized the effect that photographic documentation could have on the minds of the general public. After a photograph was published in The Chapel Hill Weekly showing a young female demonstrator being dragged by an arresting Chapel Hill police officer, Chief Blake instructed his men to henceforth carry those being arrested.