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[Source Description: 19 December 1963: Letter from Chancellor William B. Aycock to President William Friday. - From the Records of the Office of Chancellor - William B. Aycock Series (#40020), University Archives, Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.]

Document Description

December 1963 brought three weeks of intense, almost nightly demonstrations in Chapel Hill. Within this period, the officers of the Chapel Hill Police Department logged more than 400 hours of overtime and arrested 75 demonstrators. Among those arrested were students and members of the faculty of the University. Friday and Aycock began to receive letters from alumni urging them to take a stance on disciplining these students and faculty for their participation in off-campus activities. The UNC Administration was not the only organization seeking to define its role in doling out consequences. Student Government began debating whether or not civil disobedience was a violation of the Campus Code. Aycock wrote, "I am confident that both you and I and perhaps the other chancellors will be called upon to explain why we have not dealt with the situation but, as you readily understand, we are in a dilemma."