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[Source Description: 8 February 1964: Photograph, Protesters block Franklin Street. Photograph Copyright Jim Wallace. Reproduced with permission from the photographer.]

COPYRIGHT NOTICE: This image is material protected by United States copyright law. Please email the photographer, Jim Wallace, at WallacePhotos@aol.com to request permission to reproduce this image.

Document Description

Following the Board of Alderman's failure to pass a public accommodations ordinance, CORE National Director James Farmer issued an ultimatum that Chapel Hill be fully integrated by 1 February or be prepared to face the consequences. Demonstrations intensified and the deadline passed without serious incident. Then, on 8 February, demonstrators staged a massive protest following the UNC-Wake Forest basketball game in an attempt to draw national attention to the civil rights struggle in Chapel Hill. They blocked the exits to the Woolen Gymnasium parking lots and street intersections, and attempted to throw themselves in front of advancing cars.