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[Source Description: 28 April 1964: Letter from Joe Straley to Paul Newman - From Joseph W. Straley Papers (#5252), Southern Historical Collection, Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.]

Document Description

In spring 1964, the cases of many activists reached the Orange County Courtroom of Judge Raymond Mallard. Seeing the protesters' actions as elements of a northern plot to radicalize the state, Mallard decided to strike a heavy blow against the Chapel Hill movement in order to separate the student leadership from the rest of the local movement. Feeling the effects of this drain of young leaders from the movement, Joe Straley wrote to actor Paul Newman, asking him to appear as a special guest at a rally of the Committee of Concerned Citizens in order to attract new members, especially students, to the cause. "Students for the most part have been apathetic; the few who have been active on behalf of civil rights have gone all out," Straley wrote.