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[Source Description: July 1963: Chancellor Aycock's copy of House Bill 1395, with notes, Records of the Office of the Chancellor - William B. Aycock Series, University Archives, Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.]

Document Description

Officially named "An Act to Regulate Visiting Speakers at State Supported Colleges and Universities," the so-called Speaker Ban denied the use of facilities for speaking purposes to anyone who was a known member of the Communist Party, advocated the overthrow of the state or federal constitution, or had ever invoked the Fifth Amendment before any judicial tribunal with respect to subversive activities. From Chancellor Aycock's notes, two of the common legal critiques of the wording of the Speaker Ban bill are clear: the ambiguity of the phrase "known member of the Communist Party" (evoking the question "known to whom?") and the absence of a clearly defined criminal penalty inherent in the language of the bill.