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[Source Description: 14 August 1965: Letter from Professor William S. Newman to Chancellor Paul Sharp, From the Records of the Office of Chancellor -- Paul F. Sharp Series (#40021), UWilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.]

Document Description

The accreditation threat quickly spurred Governor Dan K. Moore to put together a special legislative commission (called the Britt Commission after the committee's chair, David M. Britt) to work on amending the law. Hearings began in late summer 1965 and continued through the fall. In this letter, Professor Newman advised Chancellor Sharp to consider including Carolina students as witnesses before the Britt Commission. He also defined several argumentative strategies, reminding the commission that regardless of the threat from "all those celebrated communists" in earlier years, "Dan K. Moore, Watts Hill Jr., Terry Sanford, Clarence Stone, and all the other prominent state officials ... seem to have survived [as students at Carolina]."