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[Source Description: 31 July 1967: "A Proposal for the Recruitment of Negro Students to the University of North Carolina" by Phillip Clay, From the Records of the Office of Chancellor - J. Carlyle Sitterson Series (#40020), University Archives, Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.]

Document Description

Although the first black student had entered UNC-Chapel Hill in 1951, 15 years later in 1966 the total number of African American students enrolled at the University still numbered less than 1% of the total enrollment. In fall 1967, student Phillip Clay presented the Admissions Office with a proposal, "the result of more than two years of thought and concern," offering suggestions aimed at solving this disparity. The plan mentioned programs in other states that helped to attract bright, but uninformed, black high school seniors to apply to in - state universities. Phillip Clay graduated in 1968 with honors and went on to earn a Ph.D in City Planning from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1975. Phillip Clay became the Chancellor of MIT in June 2001.