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[Source Description: 7 December 1967: Letter from C. O. Cathey, Dean of Students, to Preston Dobbins, From the Records of the Office of Chancellor - J. Carlyle Sitterson Series (#40020), University Archives, Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.]

Document Description

In fall 1967, during a regular meeting of the campus chapter of NAACP, Preston Dobbins introduced a motion to abolish the chapter entirely and to reconstitute it as the Black Student Movement. This action was motivated by the fact that he saw the NAACP chapter as "slow in terms of what people were talking or thinking." (Dobbins interview, Southern Oral History Program, #4007, E - 63) The new group had a more radical mandate, to push the University into the next phase of racial progress. In this letter, Dean of Students Cathey notified Dobbins that the BSM would be given tentative recognition as a student organization until it supplied a faculty advisor. "Meantime," the Dean wrote, " ... I wish you, the officers and the membership great success in promoting your worthy purposes."