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[Source Description: 13 March 1969: Robert James Scott to Chancellor Sitterson, From the Records of the Office of Chancellor - J. Carlyle Sitterson Series (#40020), University Archives, Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.]

Document Description

Scott, a graduate student, wrote to the Chancellor to show his dissatisfaction with the Chancellor's actions. He outlined what many critics noted about inactivity on the part of the administration: "For about two weeks I wondered why you did not say anything about the food service workers' strike so that I could listen to you ... you failed to take any action as state troopers today occupied Manning Hall needlessly." Many supporters of Sitterson pointed to the fact that he was at the mercy of decisions made outside his control. Scott advised Sitterson to suspend Food Services Director George Prillaman. On 18 March, Prillaman was reassigned to the Accounting Department by Chancellor Sitterson.