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The Documenting Social Change Library Fund

Wilson Library, home to UNC's special collections The Louis Round Wilson Library, home to the Special Collections of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


"...to promote the acquisition, preservation of and access to materials that will enable scholars to obtain an understanding and historical perspective on the cultural, political, and social unrest that occurred in America from 1960 through the end of the Vietnam Era...the income shall be used for the support of the special collections with an emphasis on original materials that characterized the '60s...."

Contributions to the Documenting Social Change Library Fund will support the Southern Historical Collection in bringing the Fund's vision to fruition. Needs include staff devoted to acquisitions; funds for travel and shipping; occasional purchases of materials; support for arranging, describing, cataloging, and preserving material; and support for digitization.

Recently acquired collections of note (selected):

[Please click on the collection numbers to view the online finding aids for each collection.]

  • Robert V.N. Brown Papers (#5312)
  • John B. Dunne Papers (#4391)
  • George Esser Papers (#4887)
  • William Ferris Papers (#20367)
  • William C. Friday Papers (#5084)
  • Burton B. (Buck) Goldstein Papers (#5244)
  • Charles Miles Jones Papers (#5168)
  • Lawrence Kessler Papers (#5098)
  • Floyd McKissick Papers (#4930), jointly with North Carolina Central University
  • Alan McSurely Papers (#4928)
  • Karen Parker Papers (#5275-z)
  • Anne Queen Papers (#5214)
  • J. Carlyle Sitterson Papers (#4770)
  • McNeill Smith Papers (#4990)
  • Joseph Straley Papers (#5252)
  • Interviews in the Southern Oral History Programs (#4770)
  • Timothy Tyson Papers (#5246)
  • War Resisters League, Southeast Regional Office Records (#5213)
  • Fred H. Weaver Papers (#5108)
  • Perry Deane Young Papers (#5169)

Donations to the fund or inquiries can be sent to Peggy Myers, Library Development Office (pmyers@email.unc.edu).

If you have suggestions, leads or offers of other collections, please contact Tim West or Rachel Canada at 919-962-1345 (timwest@email.unc.edu, rcanada@email.unc.edu).

Note: this list was last updated on June 11, 2007

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