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[Source Description: 19 October 1861. Letter from Jerry Hooper to Master. John DeBerniere Hooper Papers (#835), Southern Historical Collection, Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.]

Chapel Hill, N.C.
Oct. 19th 1861


All is well but Lucy. She is about but not very well. I am sorry I did not have the opportunity of writing sooner. I have a bad chance to write. Business is dull. I am just able to live. I have no young men to wait upon and can get into no very profitable business. If times was like they have been I could have earned good wages. I have done all I could. If you are satisfied please let your humble slave know, so that I can make farther arrangements. I lost about half my last session's wages. When the war broke out the Students volunteered and did not pay me for my labor.

My youngest child is able to sit alone. My wife has generally kept up pretty well. Provissions [sic] is very high.

Please let me know how all are. I remain your faithful obedient an humble slave.

Jerry Hooper

Give my love to all.