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[Source Description: 28 October 1856. Benjamin S. Hedrick to Charles Manly. University of North Carolina Papers (#40005), University Archives, Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.]

Chapel Hill Oct. 28, 1856

Gov. Manly

Dear Sir,

Accompanying this I send you a letter which I wrote before visiting you in Raleigh. I believe I mentioned to you the fact that I had written it; certainly I mentioned it to some of the Board. When I came home from the Fair it was too late to send it during that week, and the speedy action of your committee left no place for it afterwards. I send it to you now only for your private reading, and as giving me an opportunity to thank you for the uniform kindness you have always shown me. I would send it to the committee as at first intended, but for fear that it might come to Holden and thus give him another opportunity to accuse me of "begging."

By Holden's having access to every

thing the committee did, your first resolutions came to me in pretty much this shape "Resign or be dismissed" and that is what Holden calls occupying a "delicate position!" Very delicate indeed!! Something like giving you a delicate hint to leave by kicking you down stairs. I am sorry some members of your Board have such fine perceptions of delicacy.

I thank you again for all your kindness. You helped cut off my head but I know you made the blow fall as lightly as you could.

Truly & sincerely yours,

B. S. Hedrick