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[Source Description: 30 May 1856. P. H. Winston to Charles Manly. University of North Carolina Papers (#40005), University Archives, Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.]

Windsor 30 May 1856

Gov Manly

My dear Sir,

Today Humphrey H. Hardy Adm. of Simon R. Oliviera paid me Twelve Hundred and Seventy one 84/100 Dollars which is the nett[sic] balance of money in his hands. Some time since I agreed with him that he might have the negro Will at $800 with int from 1 Janu[ar]y 1856 which he paid me also to day. This amt. $820 added to the former make $2091.84.

There are still in his hands from valuable negroes and their hires the present year all of which he is to account for the 1 Janu[ar]y next.

Enclosed I send you Mr. Hardy's acct. as Admr.

Mr. Hardy offered $700 for the negro which I refused. On consultation with Lewis Thompson one of the Trustees I finally agreed to take the $800 [with?] Mr. Hardy charging no commissions on the amt. The negro is 56 years old but he is a remarkably good negro and I think would have brought something more. He desired however to stay with Hardy and I supposed that the University could well afford to settle the price as I did. So Mr. Thompson advised. Indeed he said that the price is a high one.

I gave Mr. Hardy a receipt and bond of indemnity. We both prefer however that

the bond shall come from head quarters. I write you therefore in order that you may prepare the necessary papers and forward it to me. Enclosed I send a paper which will guide you in preparing the right bond. Indeed the enclosed paper is right in every respect as to the terms of agreement. I do not know how you bind the University - whether you say "The Trustees of the University &C" or how. Our agreement is that title be made for the negro and a receipt in full be given for the $2091.84 with the understanding that in case Oliviera's distributees appear and recover from Hardy the money with int shall be returned. I do not bind the University to make good the title to the negro nor in short to do anything but return the money with interest so far as the same may be recovered out of H. I suppose that a release to Hardy for all claim in regard to the negro will answer & therefore it may go into the bond.

Prepare the paper for him and as soon as I get it from you I will forward you a check for the nett[sic] amount. Let me hear from you at once or the money is drawing no interest.

P. H. Winston

I fear that I cannot get to Supreme Court as I have an extra Court to go to.