Slavery and the Making of the University University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Manuscripts Department Slavery and the Making of the University

[Source Description: 25 November 1829. The Hillsborough Recorder, Volume X, no. 508, p. 3. North Carolina Collection, Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. VC071 H65.]


RAN off from the University, on the night of the 20th instant, a negro man by the name of JAMES, who has for the last four years attended at Chapel Hill in the capacity of a college servant. He is of dark complexion, in stature five feet six or eight inches high, and compactly constructed; speaks quick and with ease, and is in the habit of shaking his head while in conversation. He is doubtless well dressed, and has a considerable quantity of clothing. It is presumed that he will make for Norfolk or Richmond with the view of either taking passage for some of the free states, or of going on and associating himself with the Colonization Society. It is supposed that he has with him a horse of the following description: a sorrel roan, four feet six or seven inches high, hind feet white, with a very long tail, which where it joins the body is white or flax colour. A premium of twenty dollars will be given for the apprehension of said slave. The subscriber would request any one who may apprehend the boy to direct their communications to Chapel Hill.

S. M. Stewart.

November 24. 08-3w

[illustration of hand pointing finger]The editors of the Petersburg Intelligencer and Norfolk Herald will insert the above three times, and forward their accounts.