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[Source Description: Undated. George Moses Horton to David L. Swain. David L. Swain Papers (#706), Southern Historical Collection, Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.]

To the honorable Governor Swain


i have been some time since very anxious for some Gentleman in this place to buy me, and have recently made choice of you sir, and provide you will acceed[sic] to the proposition, i am willing to serve you to the best of my ability: sir my object for this is my distant walk to attend to my business, which chiefly lies on the Hill. The price is $200 [and] 50 dollars, which i cannot but think i am worth.

Sir i am willing to make you all the possible remuneration which i can, provide i can succeed in the publication of my books which i have in hand. sir i have from this inconvenience been thrown far behind and provide you buy me i shall be under all obligation to your generosity sir you will please write a note to Master when and as you see proper

yours respectfully
George M Horton

To Governor
Chapel Hill