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[Source Description: Undated. "John C. White's bill." University of North Carolina Papers (#40005), University Archives, Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.]

Negroes time imployed [sic] for Trustees
Masons Tonz cuting [sic] out and   mo. d. hr. Dol. Cts.
repairing foundation in different     mo.    
places and drawing wall & putting          
in new stone window sill striking     Dol.    
stage and stoping [sic] holes in wall.   4.17 15 68 65
Henry repairing foundation and          
assisting about window sills.   .19 .75 14 25
Bob repairing foundation and          
putting in stone window sills.   0.21 .75 15 75
Allman taking down old gable          
end and chimneys cleaning          
Bricks of same and repairing foundation.   .15 20 11 53
Nelson taking down gable ends          
and chimneys.   .12 .20 9 23

Luke cuting [sic] scaffold pole and

put-locks and tending on masons          
while at foundation and cuting [sic]          
wood for drying plastering cleaning room   49 8 34 77
Isaac sawing stocks taking of old          
roof and assisting carpenters.   2.20 8 22 15 ½
Jonathan waiting on masons          
while at window sills and assisting          
in hauling sand and rock.   1.21 11 19 88 ½
Coplen taking down old roof and          
assisting carpenters in raising.   15 .8 4 61 ½
          206.08 ½
By amt. of labours time charged to J. C. White --         188.55
          394.63 ½

The above bill rendered by John C. White of labour of black workmen in repairs of Old College &c to be paid their [several owners].