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Collecting Policy for the Southern Historical Collection

Sectional Crisis, the Civil War, and Reconstruction

Collecting History

The SHC has always collected materials relating to the American Civil War, its antecedent sectional crisis, and the aftermath of Reconstruction. More than one thousand collections document these matters, making the SHC one of the premier archival resources for researchers interested in them. These are collections of correspondence, diaries, and other records of politicians, Confederate officers and enlisted men, physicians and nurses, Union soldiers engaged in the South, and women and families on the home front.

Current Collecting

The SHC continues to collect actively in this period, particularly 1850-1877, with preference given to significant runs of correspondence and diaries that document the experiences of Confederate soldiers; records of Confederate military activities, including memoranda, orders, maps, and photographs; and political materials. The SHC also seeks materials documenting the southern home front as well as letters and diaries of Union soldiers in the South.