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Collecting Policy for the Southern Historical Collection

Politics and Government

Collecting History

Upon its founding in 1930, the SHC inherited the papers of public office-holders and government officials previously collected by the University Library. This collecting focus was continued by early SHC curators. The result of these efforts is a large array of collections that document political life and government service-papers of U.S. and state legislators, political party leaders, jurists, and others active in politics and government. These collections span four centuries, including documentation of individuals involved in eighteenth-century colonial courts and assemblies; nineteenth-century politicians and officials, including a number of Confederate politicians; and prominent twentieth-century politicians, such as Sam Ervin, Terry Sanford, and Allard Lowenstein.

Current Collecting

The SHC seeks materials relating to political life and government service that substantively document political process, judicial activity, and development and enactment of public policy. Social, Political, and Economic Activism is a closely related SHC collecting area. Documentation of these arenas can be voluminous, and the SHC is selective both in collections sought and in materials retained from collections acquired. Papers of elected officials, judges, diplomats, and others are considered for acquisition.