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Collecting Policy for the Southern Historical Collection

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill: Intellectual and Cultural Life

Collecting History

The SHC has always broadly documented the intellectual and cultural life of UNC Chapel Hill and the extended university community. Its collections include student correspondence and diaries beginning in the early nineteenth century; personal papers of UNC Chapel Hill presidents and chancellors, UNC system presidents and other administrators, selected faculty papers; and photographs and scrapbooks of twentieth-century students.

Current Collecting

The SHC seeks substantive documentation of life at the University, such as runs of correspondence, photographs, unpublished memoirs, scrapbooks, and files of associated materials. There are two major exceptions: (1) Official records of the University, its constituent organizations, and organizations closely allied with it, are the responsibility of the UNC Chapel Hill University Archives and Records Service. (2) Records of the scholarly activities of most UNC faculty. The SHC is the appropriate repository for the papers of UNC Chapel Hill faculty that fit in other SHC collecting areas, and, very exceptionally, in other cases. Whenever possible, SHC staff will help faculty identify the most appropriate repository for their papers.