Carolina Loyalty Song by Joel Carter

1. As Carolina's Sons, We raise
our thankful hearts and voices high
For all sweet things that tongue can praise
are gather'd underneath the Sky
When fame or fortune finds us where
We clasp the hand of friendship true
Her loyal Sons will breathe a prayer
For Carolina and the Blue.

2. For noble conduct on the field
For wisdom nurtured in thy halls
For high ideals and fruitful yield
For friendships made within thy walls
We shall not fail to honor thee
And cherish all the memories dear
That bind our hearts more fervently
To Carolina year by year.

3. When we who sing can sing no more
When classmates, too, are gone at last
We'll meet upon that other shore
To sing the praises of the past
Fair Carolina's fame will tell
Wherever men of honor dwell
Yes Carolina's fame will tell
Wherever men of honor dwell.

No sheet music available.

Audio: Game Day! by 2007-08 UNC Marching Tar Heels and UNC Glee Club Sings Carolina Songs by 1956-57 UNC Glee Club.