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North Carolina Collection Policy on Cameras in the Reading Room

The North Carolina Collection will permit researchers to photograph unrestricted materials from its holdings under the following conditions:

  • Photographs and/or digital images will be used only for personal reference and research purposes.
  • Images will not be published in any media, exhibited, or displayed online without written permission from the North Carolina Collection.
  • Images will not be placed in other libraries or archival repositories.
  • Researchers will not use outside lights or strong flashes to photograph materials.
  • Researchers will not disturb other patrons, place themselves in jeopardy, or take any extraordinary measures, such as standing on furniture, to get the "best" shot.
  • Researchers will not place collection documents in peril or take extraordinary means to stabilize documents in an effort to get the "best" shot.
  • The researcher accepts full responsibility in determining whether or not the documents photographed are protected by current copyright law and whether or not his or her use extends beyond the limits of fair use.
  • The North Carolina Collection reserves the right to prohibit photography of any of its holdings.

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