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Currency Holdings

The NCC Gallery houses a large collection of currency that includes subcategories of bank notes, coins, tokens, and scrip. There are nearly 3,000 coins and over 6,000 pieces of paper money in this collection. Although the collection includes pieces ranging from Greek and Roman coins (ca. 336 BC -200 AD) to modern tokens, most of the coins are from the 20th century, with a sizeable minority from the 1865-1900 period. The paper money dates predominantly from the Civil War era. For more information about the Gallery's numismatic holdings, see the "Historic Moneys in the North Carolina Collection" digital project.

The NCC Gallery displays various selections from this collection at all times. Select from the thumbnails below to view larger images of these specimens.

bee thumbnail
cape thumbnail
confederate five front
confederate five back
dime thumbnail
fraction thumbnail
recycle thumbnail
recycle back thumbnail
zeb thumbnail
elephant thumbnail
gold thumbnail