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Prints and Photographs
The Thomas Wolfe Collection

Caution: The use of prints and photographs in the Thomas Wolfe Collection is restricted by the North Carolina Collection and the Estate of Thomas Wolfe. Copies of images on this web site are provided for reference purposes only. The copying and use of these images for other purposes without written authorization is prohibited. For additional information contact the North Carolina Collection Photographic Archives, CB # 3930 Wilson Library, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, N.C. 27515-8890. Telephone 919-962-7992. Email the North Carolina Collection at: fletches@email.unc.edu

Thomas Wolfe, ca. 1901. Photo by the Lindsey Studio, Asheville, N.C. Image no. 48-3. Neg. no. 96-19.
Thomas Wolfe, ca. 1901 Larger

Thomas Wolfe in front of the family home at 48 Spruce Street, Asheville, N.C., ca. 1906. Image no. 48-10. Neg. no. 96-25.
Thomas Wolfe, ca. 1906 Larger

Thomas Wolfe, Asheville, N.C., ca. 1907. Image no. 48-11. Neg. no. 96-26.
Thomas Wolfe, ca. 1907 Larger

Thomas Wolfe, Asheville, N.C., ca. 1907. Image no. 48-13. Neg. no. 96-28.
Thomas Wolfe, ca. 1907 Larger

Thomas Wolfe, Julia Elizabeth Westall Wolfe, and William O. Gambrell. Asheville, N.C., ca. 1910. Image no. 48-17. Neg. no. 96-32.
Thomas Wolfe, ca. 1910 Larger

Thomas Wolfe (far left) and his family at their home at 92 Woodfin Street, Asheville, N.C., ca. 1913. Image no. 48-23. Neg. no. 96-40.
Thomas Wolfe, ca. 1913 Larger

Thomas Wolfe, ca. 1915. Image no. 48-24. Neg. no. 96-41.
Thomas Wolfe, ca. 1915 Larger

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