P 58: The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, School of Medicine Collection

The School of Medicine Collection contains photographs documenting activities of the students, faculty, and staff of the University of North Carolina's Medical School, first established in 1879. The photographs date from circa 1900 to the 1990s. Many of the photographs, however, are from the late 1960s and early 1970s. The collection numbers 947 total items including 80 negatives, 849 prints (mostly black and white), and 18 slides. Some photographs of individuals associated with the School of Medicine are located in the Photo Archive's Portrait Collection (Collection 2). Other pictures relating to the Medical School are found in the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Collection (Collection 4), and the UNC-Chapel Hill Photographic Laboratory Collection (Collection 31).

Container List

Box 1 Folder Headings

Alumni (identified)

Alumni (unidentified)

Alumni (unidentified)





Groundbreakings and Building Dedications

Box 2 Folder Headings

Individuals (identified)

Individuals (identified by last name only)

Lectures, Conferences, and Symposiums


Parents Day

Student-Faculty Day



Students-Senior Banquet

Box 3 - Graduating Classes(group or composite photographs)

1901 through 1952

1954 through 1976

List of photographs of identified persons in the folder labeled: "Alumni (identified)"

Burnham, J. A.

Davis, James E.

Dunlap, Peaches

Eddings, Sally

Edwards, Ron

Fisher, C. Ellis

Flowers, Charles

Hart, Franklin

Hill, Watts, Jr.

Jablis, Shirley P.

Meroney, William H.

Powell, Charles L.

Reinch, George D.

Rhodes, John S.

Riggins, H. McLeod

Ross, Robert A.

Royal, Benjamin F.

Saunders, Spike

Smith, Jerry E.

Speas, Charles A.

Thorp, James H. M.

Welton, David G.

Wilson, W. Howard

List of photographs of identified persons included in the folder labeled: "Individuals (identified)"

Baggett, Cliff

Barnes, Helen

Bennett, Noah H.

Bright, Clark

Busky, Bill

Chambliss, John R.

Crumley, Chip

Cutchkins, J. H.

Ebert, Robert H.

Fisher, Janet

Hemmingway, George

Henderson, Fred

Herrington, Robert

Herzenberg, Leonard A.

Holderness, Richard

Howe, Lance

Hunt, Emory

Hunt, Ron

Kaykendal, Bob

Kirkland, John A.

Klein, George

Knetsch, Lore

Knowles, John H.

LaDu, Bert N.

Long, Bill

Lowet, Henry A.

MacFadden, Jim

McLean, John

Monroe, Clement R.

Moore, John

Munson, Paul

Nagel, Don

Novich, Max M.

Parka, Betsy

Powell, Fred

Raney, Richard Beverly

Richardson, Clay Vance

Russell, John

Schlesinger, Kurt

Sharp, David

Shaw, Margery W.

Sloan, Jim

Sorrow, J. M., Jr.

Stuart, Terry

Walker, Lance

White, Tom

Williams, A. O.

Wolfe, Fred

Wood, J. W.

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