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Photographic Archives Collections by Number

P0001: North Carolina County Photographic Collection

P0002: Portrait Collection

P0003: Miscellaneous Subjects Image Collection

P0004: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Image Collection

P0005: Bruce Cotten Collection

P0006: Frances Benjamin Johnston Collection

P0007: Ambrotype Collection

P0008: Daguerreotype Collection

P0009: Tintype Collection

P0010: The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Bicentennial Photographic Collection (1993)

P0011: Bayard Morgan Wootten Photographic Collection

P0012: Hester A. Davis and John L. Grant Collection

P0013: Collier Cobb Collection

P0014: Patrick S. Wooten Photographs of Memorial Hall (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

P0015: Jack J. Kearins Collection

P0016: Ben Moore Patrick Photographic Collection

P0017: Adeline Denham McCall Photographic Collection

P0018: Paul and Lafayette Buchanan Photographic Collection

P0019: Bailey Daniel Webb Photographic Collection

P0020: Elmer D. Johnson Collection

P0021: Colin M. Hawkins Photographic Collection

P0022: North Carolina Botanical Garden Collection

P0023: Harry Legare Watson Photographic Collection

P0024: Charles Anderson Farrell Collection

P0025: John Archibald Brady Collection

P0026: Lillian Alexander Burch Collection

P0027: United States Navy Pre-Flight School (University of North Carolina) Photographic Collection

P0028: United States Department of Agriculture Glass Slide and Related Materials Collection

P0029: Manfred and Ann Loeb Collection

P0030: John H. Tarbell Collection

P0031: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Photographic Laboratory Collection

P0032: Frank Clodfelter Collection

P0033: Roland Giduz Collection

P0034: Billy E. Barnes Collection

P0035: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Department of Dramatic Art Photographs and Related Materials

P0036: Tryon Palace Photographic Album

P0037: Charles Heatherly Photographic Collection

P0038: William W. Prouty Photographic Collection

P0039: John Wallace Winborne Photographic Collection

P0040: Louis Round Wilson Photographic Collection

P0041: Mary Grace Canfield Photographic Collection

P0042: John Moran Frohock Photographic Collection

P0043: Stereograph Collection

P0044: Nace Brock Photographic Collection and Related Materials

P0045: America's Four Hundredth Anniversary Collection

P0046: William C. Friday Photographic Collection

P0047: United States Department of Agriculture, Oxford Tobacco Research Laboratory Collection

P0048: Thomas Wolfe Photograph Collection

P0049: William Jasper Stimson and Benjamin Alston Stimson Collection

P0050: Mary Claire Engstrom Collection

P0051: Lyman Atkinson Cotten Jr. Collection

P0052: Postcard Collection

P0053: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill American Studies 60/Folklore 195 Photographic Projects Collection

P0054: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, United States Navy ROTC Collection

P0055: Frank A. Daniels Collection of Photographs

P0056: Catherine and Robert Yates Collection on Chadbourn, N.C.

P0057: Rufus Morgan Collection

P0058: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, School of Medicine

P0059: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, School of Public Health

P0060: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Department of Pediatrics

P0061: Edwin Martin Photographic Collection

P0062: Kay Kyser and Georgia Carroll Kyser Collection of Photographs

P0063: C. Ford Peatross Collection on William Nichols

P0064: Elizabeth Tannahill Bain Photographic Collection

P0065: William E. Hipp III Collection

P0066: North Carolina Department of Public Instruction Slide and Related Materials Collection

P0067: Alfred Eric Stepney Photographic Collection

P0068: Stephen Liu Photographic Collection

P0069: Jock Lauterer Photographic Collection

P0070: Don Sturkey Photographic Materials

P0071: William Picard Jacocks Photographic Collection

P0072: Commercial Museum (Philadelphia, Pa.) Collection of North Carolina Photographs

P0073: North Carolina Railroad Station Photograph Collection

P0074: Albertype Co. Collection of North Carolina Photographs

P0075: Frances Lavergne Johnson Collection

P0076: Lamar Stringfield Photographic Collection

P0077: Durwood Barbour Collection of North Carolina Postcards

P0078: Ben Dixon MacNeill Photographic Collection

P0079: P.M. Candle Moonshine Photographs and Letter

P0081: Hugh Morton Collection of Photographs and Films

P0082: Edward J. McCauley Photographic Materials

P0083: Carolina Trucking Development Company Photographic Collection

P0084: Samuel Moyle Boone Photographic Collection

P0085: North Carolina Collection Image Reference Cards

P0086: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Library Photographic Services Copy Negatives

P0087: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Library Photographic Services Photographs

P0088: Paul Cuadros Photographic Collection

P0089: John Cartwright Bell Jr. Photograph Collection

P0090: Jerome Friar Photographic Collection

P0091: Charles S. Killebrew Photographic Collection

P0092: Ernesto G. Fabbri Photographic Collection

P0093: Training for Industry: A Photographic Report by the North Carolina Department of Community Colleges

P0095: Albert Lockhart Photographic Collection


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