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Clipping Files

These files provide information and often an alphabetical index of articles clipped by the North Carolina Collection primarily from newspapers and magazines. The call number for bound volumes and also microfilm in the North Carolina Collection containing the clippings appears immediately after each entry. The numbers following the call number refer to page numbers within the bound volumes where the clippings are found. Xerographic copies of clippings can be purchased; font sizes for these paper copies are small, however, because of significant image reduction.

Searching Tips - The entries may be scrolled when files are open. Word searches are possible using the "Find" button available on most Web browsers.

African American Clipping Files through 1975 - CR326 N39

Alcoholic Beverages and Alcoholism - C178 A35

Biographical Clipping Files through 1975 - CRBo N87

Biographical Clipping Files 1976-1989 - CRBo N87 1976-89

Brown v. Board of Education, North Carolina Reaction - FC379 N55 - Microfilm not available.

Capital Punishment - C343.2 C24

Carolina Calendar by Phillips Russell - C570.4 R96c

Economic Clipping Files through 1975 - C360 E19

Frank Porter Graham Clippings - CB G739

Good Roads Movement in North Carolina Clipping Files - C386 G64

Gordon Gray Clippings - CB G777

Archibald Henderson Clippings - CB H49

Jesse Helms: Newspaper and Magazine Articles - CB H481j1
Microfilm not available.

Helms versus Gantt: Newspaper Clippings and other materials on the 1990 North Carolina Senate race between Jesse Helms and Harvey Gantt - CB H481j2
Microfilm not available.

Harriet Laura Herring Clipping Collection - C331.8 H56h - Only available on microfilm.

Ku Klux Klan in North Carolina - C363 K95

Military Draft in North Carolina - C355.22 M64

Native American Clipping Files through 1975 - C970.01 I39

North Carolina Fund (NCF), 1963-1969 - C351.8 N87f16 - Microfilm not available.

O. Henry Clippings - CB H523

Orange County, North Carolina Clipping Files through 1975 - CR971.68 O63

OWASA and Water Resources in Central North Carolina, 1973-1995 - C352.6 O63n - Microfilm not available.

Prison Clipping Files through 1975 - C365 P95

Roads - C386 R62

State Government - Executive Branch Clipping Files through 1975 - C353 S79

State Government - Judicial and Legislative Branches Clipping Files through 1975 - C342 S79

Subject Clippings Files through 1975 - CR917 N87

Subject Clippings Files 1976-1989 - CR917 N87 1976-89

University of North Carolina Clipping Files through 1975 - CR378 UE7

University of North Carolina Clipping Files through 1989 - CR917 N87

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Food Service Workers' Strike - FCp378 UE9 - Microfilm not available.

Wake County - CR971.92 W14