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A Bibliography of Resources on the Indians of Person County, North Carolina

Prepared by the North Carolina Collection, Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Books, Theses, and Government Reports

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Journal Articles

"The Indians of Person County." The State, vol. 16 no. 37 (12 February 1949), pp. 3-4, 20. C917.05 S79

Newspaper Articles

Lougee, George. “Origin of Indians of Person County Still Veiled in Mystery.” Durham Morning Herald (Durham, N.C.), 24 April 1977. North Carolina Collection Clipping File, 1976-1989, reel 14, p. 246. CR917 N87

Assis, Claudia. "Museum Documents Sappony's History / History Traces the Person County Native Americans to the Time of John Smith." Herald-Sun (Durham, N.C.), 13 May 2002. C071 D96h1


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