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AEM Newsletter
September 1997 - present Cp378 UQae

This newsletter began as a simple broadside and has developed into a four-page newsletter. Its well-written articles give news of the North Carolina Writers' Network, Second Sunday Readings, campus speakers, conferences, book and film reviews, and information of special interest to student English majors. Each issue concludes with a calendar of upcoming campus attractions for the following month.



Three issues. Spring 1977, Spring 1979, Spring 1981 Cp378 UQa

A publication of the Association of International Students. The editors assert, "We believe that our community needs a meeting place where the peoples of different languages, customs, and persuasions can express themselves." Most articles are written by students who describe the histories, customs, or traditions of their native countries. Information on work-study-travel abroad is included. Both issues contain recipes from various countries.


The Akoben

Vol. 1, no. 1. November 3, 1995. One issue (subsequent issues via e-mail)
Cp378 UQak

The official newsletter of the Black Man's Council. The first issue discusses the formation of the Council and sponsored programs. The Akoben, or war horn, is a symbol for a call to arms or volunteering.


Avery Advocate

Vol. 3, no. 6 & 7. September 10-24, 1973 FCp378 UQa

"Carolina's only residence hall newspaper" at the time. Contains miscellaneous announcements and residence hall social events.


Banter Gazette

March 9, 1970. One issue. Cb378 UQb

A sample issue created by Bryan Cummings while running for DTH editorship. Contains spoof articles, art by future Shoe cartoonist Jeff MacNelly and an editorial plea to "be positive."



Vol. 1, no. 1. March 1969. Cp378 UQb

Subtitled "The armpit of the Universe." The editors of Betelgeuse write that they are attempting to continue the long line of UNC humor magazines such as Tarnation and the Buccaneer,. "We intend to fool some of the people all of the time, and at least in Chapel Hill there will always be something to make fun of." The magazine includes satires on Cliff's Notes, fraternity life, Richard Nixon, and local law enforcement. Jeff MacNelly, future "Shoe" cartoonist, has a long comic satire of the UNC basketball team entitled "Coach Smite and the League of Super Dribblers."


The Bi-Weekly 'Pede

1970 - 1974. Irregular. Also published as The Bi-Weekly Centipede, The Bi-Lunatorial Centipede, The Fortnightly 'Pede and many other titles. FC378 UQbi

This publication contains the record of King Nyle I (student Nyle Frank) and the Invisible University of North Carolina (IUNC). Most issues consist of a single photocopied sheet with typing and drawings on each side. The IUNC rebelled against the stiff requirements and formality of the University. All work appears to have been done by King Nyle himself. Invisibleness is defined as "INanity, VIrility, SItting Bullism, BLEssedness, and NESSelrode Pudding." The early issues cover the coronation of King Nyle in December 1970. Spring 1974 issues contain interviews with the x-King and a paper on "How to Grow and Nourish Your Own Invisible University."See also: King Nyle I -- Handbills 1971-1972. FCp 378 UR3.


Black Ink

November, 1969 - present. Monthly through 1976; Bi-weekly 1977 - 1990; weekly in 1991. Now irregular. (1969 - 1993 on microfilm.) FC378 UQb1 Microfilm: C378 UQb

Originally published as the "Voice of Black Liberation," Black Ink is issued by the Black Student Movement at UNC. The newspaper contains news and editorials about the African-American community on campus and nationwide. Earlier editions often contain poetry. Recent issues focus on major historical events as well as contemporary concerns.


Black Notes From Carolina

1971/72 - 1973/74. Yearly. Three issues. Cp378 US60

A handbook for African-American students who are or will be new to the UNC campus. The first issue, 1971/72, is written specifically for freshmen. It consists of comments and remarks by African-American students about their experiences at the University and advice they can give to new students. Later editions resemble a traditional handbook with sections on student services, financial aid, and student policies. Also included are a history of the Black Student Movement at UNC and a section on Afro-American studies


Blue & White

September 1998 - present. Cp378 Urbw

The mission of this monthly magazine is to "report on the University and surrounding community in a way that reveals many of its unknown but special qualities." It includes articles on local personalities, sports, university traditions, local entertainment, and current events. There are lots of interesting photos and a wide range of topics is covered in each issue.


The Blue Ridge Magazine

Vol.1, no. 1. April 1920. One issue. Cp378 UQb1

Published by English 21 at UNC. Contains short fiction, poetry, essays, and a section entitled "Sketches of Southern Life." The editorial statement reads: "The Blue Ridge seeks to seize and to fix some of the impressions which drift through the mind of the Carolina man as he contemplates his home land." Several student essays and stories deal with labor issues.


Boiling Point: A Journal of Social and Political Thought

February 2001 - present. Cp378 UQbp

This journal presents thoughtful articles about a wide variety of issues, from corporate research at UNC, to racial gerrymandering in N.C., to the politics behind the tuition hike. Students and faculty write most of the articles but submissions are also accepted from outside sources.


Bounce: Carolina's Satirical Spin on the World

March 2001 - present. Cp378 UQb3

"A non-partisan humor magazine dedicated to amusing and enriching the UNC-Chapel Hill community with satirical commentary on current events, both on campus and around the globe…with humor of all varieties, from absurdity to balanced political satire - hopefully with an intellectual twist." It is published six times a year and publication is paid for, in part, by student activity fees.


Buck Junior

Vol. 1 - 3. June 1931 - Sept. 1933. Monthly during the summer. Three issues per volume. C378 UQb1

This is the summer edition of the Carolina Buccaneer. Some issues begin with comments about campus life, but most resemble the Buccaneer.



1933 - 1953. Yearly. C378 UQb

A collection of experiments in Creative Writing by students in Professor Phillips Russell's creative writing class. The class had several different names over the years, including English 53, English 54, and Journalism 65. The magazine contains stories, poems, and essays by student contributors. Some issues have a table of contents.


CPU Bulletin

Vol. 1, no. 1. Spring, 1940. Cp378 UQcp

Published by the Carolina Political Union (CPU). Contains CPU news, profiles of old and new officers, and upcoming events. There is also an article on CPU history from 1936-1940.


Carolina Academic Journal

Fall 2000 - present. C378 UQj3

New name for The Journal of Social Science & History.


Carolina Association for Medieval Studies

March 2000 - present. C378 UQcam

This is a newsletter for students of medieval studies. It includes articles about campus lectures, colloquiums, reading groups news, and upcoming events of interest.


Carolina Boll Weevil

Vol. 1 - 2. 1922 - 1924. Monthly during the college year. C378 UQca

Growing out of the demise of the Tar Baby, this publication is subtitled "The Student College Comic of the University of North Carolina." It consists primarily of short jokes and cartoons with some longer satires. The jokes or articles are rarely signed.


The Carolina Buccaneer

Vol. 1 - 13. 1924 - 1937. Monthly during the college year. C378 UQcab and VC378 UQcab

Following the Carolina Boll Weevil, the Buccaneer was the longest running of the student humor magazines. It followed the same formula of short jokes and cartoons, mostly unsigned, many taken from other college papers. In later years, however, the Buccaneer adapted a format more like contemporary humor magazines, with a table of contents and longer, signed articles. Published as the Carolina Finjan during the 1934-1935 school year.


Carolina Chemist

Vol. 1 - 8. 1915 - 1922. Twice yearly. C378 UQc

Published by the students of the Department of Chemistry. It includes editorials, department news, news from other schools, alumni notes, and graduate directories.


Carolina Chronicle

March 7 - 22, 1969. Weekly. Three issues. FCp378 UR2

Published by the Hayakawa Society (a student political organization). Its mission is to provide "a balanced approach to the problems which face the university, and to explore possible solutions to those problems." The newspaper focuses primarily on political issues (student government, protests on campus), and discussions of other publications.


Carolina Communicator

October 2000 - present.C378 UQco

UNC's School of Journalism has combined the UNC Journalist and the Journalism Alumni and Friends Association News into one publication. Undergraduate and graduate students print this new publication quarterly. It showcases accomplishments of alumni, faculty, staff, and students and provides updates, to keep readers informed, about career services, development, and news of school events.


Carolina Conservative

Vol. 1 - vol. 2, no. 1. December 1964 - October 1965. Irregular. Cp378 UQc

A newsletter published by the Carolina Conservative Club. It contains news of conservatives on campus, announcements for upcoming speakers, and other club-organized events.


Carolina Critic

Vol. 1 - 6. 1987 - 1994. Originally monthly, later biweekly. FC378 UQcr (original), FC378 UQcr1 (photocopy) Microfilm: C378 UQcac

A "monthly student magazine dedicated to the discussion of individual liberty and its relationship to politics and society." The Carolina Critic is given mostly to editorials on subjects ranging from campus events to national political issues. Recent issues emphasize conservative viewpoints. There are also book and music reviews.


Carolina Cutter

Vol. 1 - 4. 1952-1955 and Spring 1983. FC378 UQcc

Published by the UNC Naval ROTC. It contains announcements, stories on intramural sports, faculty notes, and occasional personal essays. "Know Your Midshipmen Officers," a series of short biographies, is a regular feature.


Carolina Engineer

Vol. 1 - 3. 1926 - 1928. Twice yearly. [see also the following entry] C378 UQcae

Published at the School of Engineering, UNC, by A. C. Howell's Class in English 11b. Each issue begins with a few pages of news and editorials about the engineering program on campus. Longer articles (taken from class assignments) deal with more general engineering issues. This title was resurrected five years after publication had originally ceased.


Carolina Engineer

Vol. 1 - 3. March 1933 - May 1935. Quarterly. C378 UQcae1

Subtitled "The Professional Journal of the School of Engineering," this journal is decidedly more professional looking than the previous Carolina Engineer which had ceased publication five years earlier. The new Carolina Engineer contains alumni notes, profiles of new faculty members, and articles on engineering. Local and campus issues are covered briefly, while longer articles address topics in the engineering profession.


Carolina Finjan

Vol. 1, no. 1 - 7. 1934 - 1935. Monthly. C378 UQf

Labelled as a successor to the Carolina Buccaneer, it was only published for the 1934-1935 school year and then resumed as the Buccaneer in the fall of 1935. This is a glossy magazine with longer stories and articles than appear in many of the humor magazines. There is a section of short jokes and riddles. Volume 1, no. 1 is a parody of Esquire magazine.


Carolina Free Press

February 2, 1982 - present.Serial: FFC378 UQcfp Microfilm: C378 UQcfp

This newspaper was produced from Feb.2, 1982-Nov. 2, 1982. It was the handiwork of "unabashedly partisan" students who wanted a voice for conservative opinion. Topics for articles include disarmament, abortion, sports, movie reviews, national and local politics. Student fees did not subsidize it.


Carolina Greek

Vol. 1, no. 1 - 2. November, 1967.New Series: Vol. 1, no. 1 - 6. March - May 1968. Biweekly. FC378 UPc

Sponsored by the Interfraternity and Pan Hellenic Councils. The editors state that "more emphasis will be placed upon fraternity and sorority issues than now found in the Daily Tar Heel;" but add, "Greek news will not overshadow other items of interest around the campus and the nation." Many of the articles cover international news and are taken from the wire services. The student-written articles often focus on UNC sports and fraternity and sorority events. One of the staff cartoonists was Jeff MacNelly, now author of the syndicated comic strip "Shoe."


Carolina Kappan

1968 - 1970, 1981 - 1982. Cp378 UR93

The newsletter of the UNC-Chapel Hill chapter of Phi Beta Kappa. Contains chapter news, national convention notices, and some local news and topical columns. Later issues contain annual banquet programs.


Carolina Magazine

1844 - 1948. C378 UQm Microfilm: C378 UQm 1921-1948

The magazine has appeared under the following titles:1844: University Magazine1852 - 1861, 1878: North Carolina University Magazine1883 - October 1884: North Carolina University MonthlyNovember 1884 - May 1902: North Carolina University MagazineOctober 1902 - May 1918: University of North Carolina MagazineApril 1919 - May 1920: The MagazineOctober 1920 - June 1921: New Carolina MagazineOctober 1921 - 1948: Carolina MagazineThe magazine was first published by the senior class in 1844. Issues from 1852-1923 were published under the auspices of the Dialectic and Philanthropic Societies. From 1929-1934 it was included as a supplement to the Daily Tar Heel.Though it changed a great deal in the 104 years of its existence, the magazine always contained long well-written articles and essays on history, art, and education, as well as original stories and poems by Carolina students. Biography was an important early feature. Issues often began with a biographical sketch of an important Carolinian such as James K. Polk (February, 1861) or Joseph Caldwell (September, 1859). Contributors were not always UNC students. Historian Kemp Battle wrote an article on UNC Janitor Wilson Caldwell for the March 1895 issue, and Governor Z. B. Vance offered a biography for the May 1878 issue entitled "The Life and Character of Hon. David L. Swain."Various recurring features in the magazine have included: a "Personal Department," a sort of early society page with news and gossip about UNC students and town residents; the "College Record," announcements of awards and activities; "Literary Notes," a section of book reviews; and "Sketches," a series of short feature articles on places and personalities.Well-known literary figures who attended UNC and whose early work was published in Carolina Magazine include Thomas Wolfe (stories and poems in various issues from 1917-20), Paul Green (1917), Walker Percy (1935), and Shelby Foote (1935-36).


Carolina Parlance

Vol. 1, no. 1. Winter, 1961. One issue. C378 UQcap

A general magazine, containing articles by both students and faculty covering a wide range of topics from politics to campus life to modern art.


Carolina Post

Vol. 1, no. 1. December, 1997 - present. FC378 UQcp

"We are a new, progressive student publication. We started in the belief that campus conservative publications and single-issue or single-ethnicity publications are not representative of too many members of the university community." Stories address campus and national issues. Many of the articles are responses to other campus publications, most often the Carolina Review.


Carolina Review

Vol. 1 - . 1993 - present. Quarterly through volume three, monthly with volume four. C378 UQcr

"UNC's Conservative Voice." Essays and editorials dealing with both campus and national politics. Approaches most issues from a conservative standpoint. Often includes commentaries on other campus organizations and publications.


Carolina Scientific

Vol. 1 - . 2008 - present. Cp378 UQca

Founded in the spring of 2008, Carolina Scientific's mission is to produce a scientific publication each semester that focuses on the exciting innovations in science and current UNC research.

Carolina Scientific strives to provide a way for students to discover and express their knowledge of new scientific advances, encourage students to explore and report on the latest scientific research at UNC-CH, and educate readers while promoting interest in science and research.


The Catalyst

Vol. 1 - . 1987 - present. Originally monthly, now published every other month FC378 UQca (original), FC378 UQca1 (photocopy)Microfilm: C378 UQca

Subtitled "Journal of Political Opinion," and later "Journal of Social and Political Commentary," the magazine is "devoted to the in-depth exploration of international, national, local, and campus issues." Many of the issues address foreign policy matters and national politics. For example, the 1988 Presidential election received extensive coverage. Special issues included numbers on education and on racism. The staff express a liberal standpoint on most issues. Ads in later issues mention the Catalyst as fighting for "truth, justice, and the leftist way!"


The Catapult

Vol. 1 - 5. 1941 - 1945. Quarterly. C378 UQcat

Issued by the Naval Reserve Officers' Training Corps at UNC. The Catapult contains editorials, short stories, jokes, class notes, and war news. Written and edited by Navy ROTC students, this magazine is aimed at a very specific audience. There are some historical articles, such as profiles of John Paul Jones and other prominent Naval personalities, but most of the issues contain news and jokes pertaining specifically to members of the UNC Navy ROTC. A Catapult yearbook was published for 1944 and 1945/46.


Cellar Door

Vol 1 - . 1974 - present. Twice yearly.Vol. 1, no. 1: FC378 UQce All others: C378 UQce

An undergraduate literary magazine containing poetry, prose, and some photographs and illustrations. Graphics appear more prominently in later issues. Student editorial boards choose works to be published. Cellar Door awarded the Jessie Rehder prize for outstanding poems and prose works each academic year. Current UNC poet and Assistant Professor in the English Department Michael McFee was a member of the poetry board for several years when he was an undergraduate.


Chapter & Verse: Newsletter of Creative Writing Program at UNC at Chapel Hill

Spring 1997 - present. Cp378 UZen2

This newsletter gives highlights of the creative writing program. Articles give information on faculty and staff news, community outreach, alumni news, and a calendar for Second Sunday Readings in Wilson Library.


Congressional News

Vol. 1, no. 1. 1989. One issue. Cp378 UQco

"The newsletter of UNC's Student Congress." Edited by John Lomax, Speaker Pro Tempore of the 71st session. Congressional News is a free publication funded by private sources designed to convey important news concerning student congress. The first issue has a listing of district representatives and recently passed legislation.


The Cosmo

Vol. 2, no. 1 - 3. October, 1960 - April, 1961. FCp378 UR4

"The Voice of All Nations." Published by the Cosmopolitan club of UNC. This paper is devoted to international affairs, with articles and editorials on the United Nations, the Peace Corps, and some discussion of international groups and activities on campus.


Creative Urges

Vol. 1 - . Fall, 1996 - present. Cp378 UQcr

"The Daily Tar Heel's Literary Magazine." It publishes original poetry, prose, and photography from UNC students. Student poetry and prose award winners are announced in each issue.


The DTH Alternative

February 25, 1974. One issue. Cb378 UQd

"An independent student newspaper" created by editor Cole C. Campbell while running for DTH editor. Serious coverage of campus and national events and an editorial describing the changes needed to be made to the Daily Tar Heel.


The Daily Far Afield

January - May, 1971. Monthly. Five issues. FC378 UQf1

The title is a spoof on The Daily Tar Heel. The banner proclaims that the magazine is "Dedicated to Editorial Mockery" and has offered "79 years of Editorial B.S." The contents are mostly editorials, commentaries on student government, and criticisms aimed at The Daily Tar Heel. One satire is a series of lessons on "Dating at Carolina." The final issue (the "Death Issue") reports that "The paper was dead on arrival of the Editor's Grade Point Average."


The Daily Tar Heel

June 1929 - present. Daily.Microfilm: C071 T16

Available on the World Wide Web at: http://www.dailytarheel.com/Recent issues are available at the Reference CounterAn Index to the Daily Tar Heel from 1970 to the present is available at CR071 T16 Index and at the Reference CounterA continuation of the Tar Heel, the Daily Tar Heel is the UNC student newspaper. With a staff of student reporters and an editor elected by the students, the newspaper includes news, features, and editorials of campus interest.The Tar Heel began in 1893 as an organ of the Athletic Association. The early editors asserted that "space will be assigned for the thorough discussion of all points pertaining to the advancement and growth of the University." The Tar Heel and the Daily Tar Heel have aimed to maintain objective coverage of campus events and activities, featuring stories about the University administration, student government, and UNC sports. Early issues of the paper contain a "Personal" section which gives society news and gossip. In later years -- and especially during wars -- there is a larger focus on national news, though campus events are always prominently featured.

The Daily Tar Heel claims to be the "oldest college daily in the south." The paper celebrated its centennial on February 23, 1993 with a special issue (also found at FFVC 378 UQta). University president Frank Porter Graham (1908-09); novelist Thomas Wolfe (1918-19); journalist Charles Kuralt (1954) and author Jonathan Yardley (1961) are among its well-known editors.



Vol. 1, no. 1-2. January - March, 1961. Cp378 UR95

"Published for and by the students of UNC, under the sponsorship of the Wesley foundation." The purpose of the magazine is "to foster and maintain a dialogue among the many phases of life at the university" and to "encourage individual thought and writing at every level of concern with an emphasis on personal intimacy and honesty." Editorials address a wide variety of issues ranging from the Daily Tar Heel to integration at UNC. Some student poetry is also included.


East Wind

1999 - present. C071 E13a

This publication is dedicated to being the voice for Asian American students on campus. It "serves as a lifeline for Asian American students, providing a means of communication and expression of ideas and opinions." Articles include news from campus organizations, descriptions of different aspects of Asian culture, and student editorials. There are lots of photos.


Ebony Images

Vol. 1 - 2. 1976/77 - 1977/78. Two issues. C378 UQe

A mini-yearbook produced by the Black Student Movement (BSM). It contains many photos. Its sections include black faculty, class pictures, organizations and clubs, and sports.


English Club Newsletter

1981 - 1985. Twice monthly. FC378 UQe

The newsletter of the Graduate English Club. Contains brief notes and announcements of upcoming events and deadlines. There are occasional campus news briefs relevant to teaching assistants and/or graduate students.



No. 1 - . Spring, 1995 - present (unbound). C378 UQex

"A cultural studies magazine from UNC." The theme of the first issue is "Travel and Identity." It includes essays and research articles, poetry, and photography.


Ewe's News

Vol. 1 - 3, no. 1. September, 1962 - September, 1964. FCp378 UQe

The newsletter of the UNC Student Wives Club. It contains announcements of meetings, news from the Victory Village housing complex, recipes, notes from club officers, and an occasional section entitled "New Arrivals."



October 9 - November 6, 1926. Weekly. Six issues. FC378 UQf

"An Independent Organ of Opinion and Criticism." A critique of campus events and culture, many of the articles offer opinions on student government and other student publications. All articles are unsigned. Common editorial topics include the lack of originality on campus and the overemphasis on the achievements of the football team.



Vol. 1 - . 1986 - present. Annual. C378 UQfa

"A journal of student inquiry" from the School of Medicine at UNC. Contains research articles by medical students.


5e, the Fifth Estate

September 25, 1996 - April 19, 1998.

This publication was available on the internet at: http://www.5thestate.org/ but is no longer active. Interested readers may wish to enter this url into the Internet Archive's "Wayback Machine" at http://www.archive.org/web/web.php. The Fifth Estate claimed to be "the first on-line student publication at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill." It covered campus news and contained opinion, essays and photographs.



1968 - present. C378 UQf

This is a bi-annual publication of Christian thought. It is a collection of essays, poetry, artwork about Christian reflections and theology.


GSA (Graduate Student Association) Newsletter

One issue, circa mid-1980s. FCp378 UR7

Includes minutes from a recent meeting and the results of a GSA questionnaire.


The Galley

Vol. 1 - 7. 1969 - 1976. New series, 1977 - 1987. Irregular. 1969-1976: Cp378 UZL2 1977-1987: Cp378 UZL2.1 (new series)

"An independent publication of students at the School of Library Science, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill." Both series contain class notes, interviews with faculty and administrators, bibliographies, satires, book reviews, and announcements.


Gardens of Erebus

Vol. 1 - 2. 1960 - 1961. Two issues. Cp378 UQg

Subtitled "An experimental literary magazine." The editorial statement reads, "The purpose of this magazine is to stimulate the students of this campus to think and to create, and to provide an outlet for their creations." The two published issues contain poetry.



Vol. 1, no. 1 - 2. February - March, 1969. FCp378 UQg

"A voice from one of the Cogs of the University. Produced in the James Residential College . . . to allow the residents of James a medium which relates to their ideas." Contains news and features specifically related to James Residential College. There is some focus on the college, such as "James: System or Utopia?" and "James Debs Debut."


Gender Tacks

Vol. 1, no. 1. April, 1994. Cp378 UQge

"A gender issues journal with hopes to inform the UNC community and its environs." Includes a variety of articles on gender issues, many on the theme, "Who Can Be a Feminist?" Other articles include "In Defense of Porn" and "Masculinity Revisited."


The Grad Grind

1989-92. Irregular. FCp378 UR8

The official newsletter of Graduate Students United. Contains minutes of meetings, news on student health insurance, and student election coverage. Many features address recent cuts in education spending made by the state legislature.


The Graduate

1990-1993. Five issues. Cp378 UR92

Newsletter of the Graduate and Professional Student Federation. Contains stories on jobs and insurance for graduate students. One issue includes an article with tips for gaining in-state residency. GPSF news and notes also published here.


The Graduate Voice

Vol. 1, no. 2. 1982. One issue.Cp378 UR91

This issue aims for a general campus readership. There is a calendar of events, information on getting basketball tickets, and an article on Thanksgiving in Chapel Hill.


The Grand Inquisitor

Vol. 1, no. 1. April, 1967. Second issue is undated. Cp378 UR84

A journal of opinion edited by the Catholic Graduate Students Association of UNC. Contains editorials, essays, and interviews. Topics range from birth control to the role of the Catholic at a secular university.


Greek News and Views

Vol.1, no. 1-2. March - April, 1966. Cp378 UR86

"A publication concerned with fraternities -- their relationship to one another and with all other elements of university life." Contains news, editorials, intramurals, and an article on the founding of the Greek system.


The Griffith Gazette

Vol. 1, no. 2. February, 1967. C378 UQg1

News briefs, announcements, and intramural news from Griffith Residence Hall of Morrison College.


The Hellenian

Vol. 1 - 11. 1890-1900. Annual. C378 UPh

The first UNC yearbook, the Hellenian focused primarily on campus fraternities. Some attention goes to other clubs, societies, and athletics. There were pictures of most groups, including an occasional faculty photo. Succeeded by the Yackety Yack.



Vol. 1 - 2. 1963 - 1964. Two issues. Cp378 UQh

"A journal of Philosophy, published by Graduate students of the University of North Carolina." The editorial statement reads: "Hemlock is a journal of philosophical opinion; its primary aim is to stimulate communication among graduate students of philosophy in the North Carolina Community." Hemlock contains philosophical essays and book reviews.


Hill : Chapel Hill political review

Vol. 1, no. 1 -. April 2002-present. C378 UQh

Hillel Voice

Vol. 1, nos. 2, 3 & 5. November, 1943 - April, 1944. FCp378 UQh

News and notes from the UNC Hillel chapter. There is some coverage of Jewish interest nationwide, but most of the magazine addresses local concerns.




Vol. 3, no. 2 (Primavera 2002)- present. C378 UQv 2002-

Continues Voces del horizonte. First student publication in Spanish and Portuguese at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

The Illuminati

Vol. 1, no. 1. April 22, 1985. One issue. FCp378 UQi

"A left-wing/humor newspaper intended both to entertain and enlighten our readers." Mostly short articles, satires, and political criticism. as well as news of local or campus interest. President Ronald Reagan and Senator Jesse Helms are the most common targets of the magazine's barbs.


Inner Chords

1971 - 1972. Two issues. Cp378 UQi1

The literary magazine of Scott Residence College. Contains poetry, prose, photographs, and illustrations.


International Student Center Newsletter

Vol. 1, no. 1 - 2, November, 1967 - January, 1968 and Orientation issue, Fall 1981. Cp378 UQic

News and information for international students. Contains notices of classes and workshops for students and a calendar of events at the Center.


Intra-Mural Sport-Gram

Vol. 1, no. 1 - 13. March 3 - June 2, 1924. Weekly. FCp378 UQim

The editors write, "Lest you have any doubts about the whence and why of this sheet -- It is devoted to Intra-mural athletics and will contain the past week's accomplishments with the plans for the future week." Contains mostly schedules and standings for both the Dormitory League and the Fraternity League in an active intramural program which found students competing in everything from indoor baseball to Tug of War.


Journal of Social Science & History

Vol. 1, issue 1 - . Fall 1998 - Summer 2000 (unbound). C378 UQj3

"UNC's first scholarly undergraduate journal." Students can submit class papers or theses for publication. Papers cover a wide variety of topics in history and the social sciences. Continued as The Carolina Academic Journal.


The Justifier

Vol. 1, no. 1 - 2. January - February, 1977. Cp378 UR88

"Newsletter of the Philanthropic Society." Contains notes on the activities of current members and biographical sketches of great Phi members of the past and a few articles on current events.



March, 1979. One issue. C378 UR89

Members of the Dialectic and Philanthropic Literary Societies of UNC publish this "trial issue." It includes two short essays ("Utopia by the Bell Tower" and "War is Not Rational") and three poems.



Vol. 1 - 19. 1976 - 1993. FC378 UQLa (original), FC378 UQLa1 (photocopy) Microfilm: C378 UQLa

Originally the newsletter of the Carolina Gay Association, later the Carolina Gay & Lesbian Association. During its first seventeen years Lambda focuses primarily on campus events. It contains calendars of local events, book reviews, notes on counseling and library resources, health issues, and short articles on national news of interest. In 1993 the newspaper reports that "Lambda has changed its format from newsletter to activist newspaper." With the format change comes more editorials and commentaries taking stronger stances on issues. There is also more of a treatment of national issues and news from other campuses.


The Left Heel

Vol. 1, no. 1 - 6. October 3, 1966 - January 9, 1967. Six issues. C378 UQLe

A publication of the UNC Students for a Democratic Society. The editors belong to the "New Left," and state, "We feel that for too long the voices of unreflective conservatism had retained a monopoly at this university." Content covers national issues -- especially civil rights and Viet Nam (vol. 1, no. 3 is a "Special Viet Nam Issue"). Some topics of local interest are addressed, for example a multi-part piece on "The University and the Draft."


Left Turn: The Carolina Journal of Radical Thought

February, 2001 - present. C378 UQLt

This is a leftist publication sponsored by the Carolina Socialist Forum. It was created to "foster networks for changes, forums for discussion, and to strengthen the activist community." There are articles on nuclear waste, technology, the death penalty, the graduate employee union, and a calendar of events.



Vol. 1, issue 2. March 26 - April 7, 1990. Cp378 UQLn

The newsletter of the Coalition for Student Action, an independent network of campus groups working on social issues. Issues contain notices of various opportunities to participate in activities sponsored by these campus groups.


Literary Trumpet

Vol. 1, no. 2. November 12, 1846. One issue. Cb378 UQLi

Published as an "Extra" to the Literary Trumpet, this broadside is the only number of the publication that remains. It is a single sheet of paper, handwritten on both sides. The contents are mostly short, humorous essays and jokes. The longest piece is a satire entitled "Early Reminiscences of C. Hill" which relates that "After the organization of the institution the first care of the trustees was to procure a proper victualler for the boys: and the secondary care was as a matter of course, an appropriate faculty."


Living on the High Side of Life...: the UNITAS newsletter

Vol. 1, Issue 1. [1997?]. One issue. Cp378 UQLi v.1:issue 1 ([1997?])

Newsletter of UNITAS, "a living-learning community dedicated to building community, tolerance and understanding among individuals of diverse backgrounds and spreading these values throughout the larger community." [Description of UNITAS based on organization's website, accessed 12 December 2011.]


Masala Monthly

November, 1998 - present. C378 UQma

The mission of the Masala is to increase cultural awareness and interaction at UNC. This newsletter gives information about the Masala and its member groups. Articles include news of sponsored activities - their fashion show, discussion groups, forums, and community service activities. Each issue includes a monthly calendar of events.


Morehead Confederation Newsletter

Vol. 1, no. 1. April 17, 1979. One issue. FCp378 UQm

A short newsletter from Morehead Confederation congratulating raffle winners and new residence hall officers for 1979-80 and listing upcoming events.


[Miscellaneous Greek organization periodicals of the University of North Carolina]

C378 URg

Newsletters published by various Greek organizations at the University of North Carolina from the 1940's to date. Many titles only have one issue.


[Miscellaneous periodicals of Morehead Residential College]

Mighty Mo. Vol. 1, no. 2-3. November - December, 1965.

The Morrison Newspaper. Vol. 1, no. 8. April 21, 1977.

The Morrison Highlife. Vol. 2, no. 1. October 24, 1979. C378 UQmo

Publications of Morrison Residence College. These papers contain features on Morrison residents and Resident Assistants, and occasional stories about Morrison history. Not every story is Morrison related -- vol. 1 no. 8 of The Morrison Highlife features an interview with President William Friday.


[Miscellaneous publications of UNC residence colleges]

FC378 UQrc

Naked Dorm. Vol. 3, no. 1. 1979-80 edition. One issue.

"An insider's guide to life in Craige Hall." This paper serves as an introduction to Craige Hall, with articles on equipment available for check-out, how to find help for household problems, and an introduction to the Craige Resident Assistants.

Scottissue. Vol. 2, no. 4 and vol. 3, no. 4. February - October, 1971.

A publication of Scott Residential College. Contains news of the Scott College Senate, intramurals, and other Scott-related activities.


New Carolinian

Vol. 1, no. 1-2, vol. 2 no. 1. May, 1975 - March, 1976. Three issues. Cp378 UQn

A publication of the Daily Tar Heel, this feature magazine contains a wide range of articles. Most deal with to campus events and/or personalities. The first issue contains several articles on race relations; the remaining two focus primarily on arts issues -- book, movie, theater, and exhibit reviews.


News From UNC Student Government

Vol. 1, no. 1. January, 1982. Cp378 UQns

A publication from student government. It includes short articles on student telephone fees, state legislative activities, and the honor code.


Parallax Magazine

August, 1999 - present. FC378 UQp1

This student magazine gives "a different spin than usual on what's going on in the campus community". Special features focus on campus news stories or stories of human interest. There are reviews of movies, books, and music. A special section showcases the work of some of the best local student writers and artists.


Penny Papers

No. 1 - 4. October - November, 1965. FCp378 UQp

Contains poetry, essays on campus politics, and discussions of student protest. Some national political issues are addressed.


The Phoenix

Vol. 1 - 18. 1981 - 1994. Weekly. FC378 UQp Microfilm: C378 UQp (1981 - 1993)

The editors write, "We want to do more than just report the news -- we want to study it and perhaps bring to light more of what is happening behind the scenes." The Phoenix is an extremely diverse magazine, covering nearly every aspect of campus life. Each issue contains long feature stories, interviews with professors, athletes, or student leaders, an arts section containing music and movie reviews, and photo essays. Off-campus or national issues appear only when those events have campus connections. Later issues include more essays, occasional student fiction, and less UNC content. Continued by Zeitgeist.



1965 - 1966. Three issues. Cp378 UQpr

A short literary magazine containing mostly poetry with occasional essays and humorous pieces and a long crossword puzzle in the final issue.


The Prospector

March, 1922. One issue. Cp378 UQp

Published by English 21. Poems, stories, critical articles, book reviews, and illustrations by students. Also included are short articles on and excerpts from the works of two Carolina poets, Olive Tilford Dargan and DuBose Heyward.


Protean Radish

December 9, 1968 - April 14, 1970. C071 P987

This weekly newspaper touts itself as "Chapel Hill's only independent underground newspaper of the left." The title comes from the Latin word for "radical" meaning "root" and "radish" comes from the same place. So, the Protean Radish wants to get at the root of things. It evolves from a simple, typed journal to a printed newspaper with articles illustrated with political cartoons and photographs, editorials, ads, and crossword puzzles. It includes local and national news about boycotts, demonstrations, trials, the draft, and each issue includes a calendar of local events.


Quo Vadimus?

(first issue entitled A Voice in the Wilderness.) Vol. 1 - vol. 2, no. 1. October, 1963 - December, 1964. Cp378 UR87

Contains recaps of Di-Phi society debates and announcements of new debate topics as well as occasional essays on campus and outside issues.


Ram and Ewe

1957 - 1958. Two issues. C378 UQra

"The purpose of this magazine is to provide for the general student body a publication devoted to the expression of the humorous and lighter side of campus life, with occasional searching forays into the fields of clever satire and adept allegory." It includes humorous articles dealing with such subjects as "Campus Types" and sorority stereotypes. There are a few mock advertisements and jokes throughout.



Vol. 1, Issues 1 & 2. March 19 & April 4, 2010. Cp378 UQr2

Published by UNC's Air Force ROTC program, Ramjet provides "monthly insight into the lives of the AFROTC cadets of Detachment 590." It also contains general news and information of interest to AFROTC students.


The Range Finder

December 1917 - May 1918. FCp378 UQr

The members of the class of English 21 published two editions of this newsletter. Its purpose is to "supply an appetizing and attractive presentation of the affairs of the world - seen through the eyes of the college man." It was published as an alternative to the journals that feature news of the war. The articles give a thoughtful look at the effects of WWI on the college campus. Some of the articles include, "Mother Goose Conserves", "Self-Mastery and Patriotism", and "Nihilism and America."


Read On

Vol. 1, no. 1. April 20, 1946. One issue. FCp378 UQr

"Published by the B'nai B'rith Hillel Foundation of the University of North Carolina as a medium of expression for the students." There is an eclectic mix of articles in Read On, ranging from a history of the Passover tradition to varying viewpoints on Zionism to notes on Jewish fraternities at UNC.


Resolved: the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill undergraduate law journal.

Vol. 1, Issue 1. 2011. C378 UQres v.1 issue1 (2011)-

This publication is "a journal of legal scholarship that encompasses domestic and international as well as historical and current issues. The journal seeks to raise awareness of legal developments and to encourage engaging, intellectual debate on law-related topics within the undergraduate community."


Sample Copy

Vol. 1. 1968 -. C378 UQs5

A collection of poetry, prose, and graphic art by students of creative writing taught by Professor Max Steele.


sauti mpya

Vol. 1, no. 1 - . 1992 - present (unbound). C378 UQs7

The literary magazine of the Sonja Haynes Stone Black Cultural Center. Includes poems, stories, essays, and color reproductions of student artwork. Later issues include some items from non-UNC contributors. The title comes from the Swahili for "new voice."


Scalpel Hill News

Vol. 1, no. 1. April 5, 1952. One issue. FCp378 UQs3

A newsletter for students in the recently expanded four-year medical school at UNC. The first issue features student and alumni news, lecture announcements, a "letters to the editors" section, and cartoons.


Shakespeare's Sister

Vol. 1, issue 1 - . Fall 1998 - present (unbound). C378 UQs8

A independent literary magazine focusing on women writers and women's issues. The first issue features poetry and essays, including a poem by Ruth Moose. "Paid for at least in part by Student Activity Fees."



Vol. 1 - 8. 1973 - 1982. Monthly. C396 S53

A publication of the Association of Women Students at UNC. The magazine presents broad coverage of women's issues -- from visiting speakers and women's sports to special issues on health and sexuality. While there are some features on students and faculty, national issues are often discussed, especially the Equal Rights Amendment. There are occasional articles on women in history.


The Siren

2005?; 2009-2011; and 2013-. Cp378 UQs2 and C378 UQs9

Very little is known about the early issues (ca. 2005) of this publication. The more recent issues promote "a feminist perspective on issues surrounding gender, identity, sexuality and human rights." Several issues of this title are available online at http://uncsiren.com/



The Sixty-Niner

Vol. 1 - 2. 1965 - 1967. FCp378 UQs1

Published by and for the freshmen of UNC (volume two is by and for the sophomores). Contains coverage of freshman sports, campus politics, features on class members, editorials, and updates from the class officers. Future "Shoe" cartoonist Jeff MacNelly is a staff artist.


Sliced Bread

1992 - 1993. FCp378 UQs

This satirical campus magazine was published twice in the early 1990s. Its mission is to promote a light-hearted view of campus and world events. "Nothing in this publication is intended to be taken seriously." The articles and cartoons poke fun at all aspects of campus life. Some of the headlines include, "Board of Trustees Bans Walking on Campus" and "College of Arts & Sciences Crumbles. New Schools Appear on Campus."


The Southerner

January 28, 1947. One issue. FCp378 UQso

Newsletter of the UNC Chapter of the Southern Conference of Human Welfare. "Dedicated to the proposition of improving the economic, political, and cultural conditions of people of the South, without regard to race, creed, color, or national origin." There is news on chapter elections, an argument for the implementation of the North Carolina Good Health Plan, and tips on writing your Congressional representative.



Vol. 1. 1959 - 1960. Three issues. C378 UQs4

"An independent campus magazine publishing only creative materials submitted by persons connected with the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill." Spectrum contains poems, stories, and illustrations. The second issue includes many graphics and a one-act play.


The Spokesman of the Non-Fraternity Party

February 28, 1931. One issue. Cb378 UQs

A publication of the Non-Fraternity Party, a group of men organized to combat the domination of fraternity men in student politics at the time. "Since fraternity men receive due recognition through their fraternity affiliations, we propose to give the non- fraternity men such recognition through affiliation with a complete non-fraternity organization, but on the basis of merit alone." The single issue contains the platform of the party, a lengthy article defending their views, and several general campus-related articles.


The Stump

Spring 1995. One issue. Cp378 UQs1

"A Progressive Forum." This is a political magazine addressing issues of both campus and national concern. Subjects include Earth Day, the UNC Housekeepers, and the 1994 elections. Most articles embody a liberal viewpoint.


Summer Life

June 23 - July 28, 1975. Weekly. Six issues. F378 UQsL

A publication of the UNC Student Government. Summer Life contains news and features pertaining to all aspects of the campus community.


Summer School News

Vol. 4 - 10, 1917 - 1923. New series, vol. 1 - 3, 1939 - 1941. FFC378 UXs

A more extensive publication than its predecessor, Summer School Weekly, this paper contains campus news features, editorials, and a society section entitled "Happenings on the Hill." Some volumes contain a list of summer school students.


Summer School Weekly

Vol. 1 - 3. 1914 - 1916. FFC378 UXs

A short paper giving summer school news and announcements with occasional editorials urging responsibility and good citizenship. Some summaries of lectures are given. Continued by The Summer School News.


Tar an' Feathers

Vol. 1 - 2. 1940 - 1942. Monthly during the school year. C378 UQt1 Microfilm: C071 T16 1955-1958

A glossy humor magazine containing articles, many photographs, and some sections of short jokes and poems. Most relate to campus issues. A regular feature is "Confessions of a Carolina Co-Ed," and one of the issues includes "The Daily Flatfoot," a spoof of the Daily Tar Heel. Several sections include photographs of campus life organized around a particular theme such as students at the library or people studying.


Tar Baby

Vol. 1, no. 1 - 4. September, 1911 - May, 1912. C378 UQt2

Cartoons and jokes, occasional commentaries on Carolina sports. This is the first of the long line of campus humor magazines. The Tar Baby was resurrected under the same name seven years later.


Tar Baby

Vol. 1 - vol. 4, no. 1. October, 1919 - December, 1921. Irregular. C378 UQt

Described as "a combined humorous and pictorial magazine," the Tar Baby continues the efforts of the 1911/1912 school year. Short jokes and cartoons make up the bulk of the magazine. Several contributions are attributed to humor magazines from other universities. Thomas Wolfe appears as a member of the advisory board for the first few issues.


Tar Heel

1893-1929. Weekly (1893-1920); Biweekly (1920-1925); Triweekly (1925-1929). Microfilm: C071 T16

The UNC Student newspaper. Became the Daily Tar Heel in 1929. See entry under Daily Tar Heel.


Tar Heel Tradewinds

Vol. 1, no. 1. February, 1981. Cp378 UQtr

The newsletter of the UNC Sailing Club. Contains Sailing Club regulations, class descriptions, a list of officers, calendar of upcoming events, and a schedule for the UNC sailing team.


The Tarhealer

1987 - 1991/92. Cp378 UZm12

This is the yearbook of the University of North Carolina School of Medicine. Each edition includes lots of photos of faculty and photos of students in labs, classes, on beach trips, at graduation, performing on skit night, and on match day.



Vol. 1 - 4, vol. 7, 1947/48 - 1950/51, 1953/54. Irregular. C378 UQt3

The editorial statement in the first issue asserts that "with a couple of exceptions, we think that you will find Tarnation much like any other college humorous publication." The magazine differs. its wealth of original material lampooning campus events and personalities. There are several cartoons and many photographs. Early volumes contain a feature called the "Tarnation Profile," a short biography of important campus figures.


Torn Veil

March 1991. One issue. Cp378 UQtv

The editorial statement asserts that it is "intended for Christians of all walks and denominations here at UNC. Its purpose is threefold. Firstly, to be a source for campus and related news of interest to the Christian community. Secondly, to provide a forum for the debate and discussion of ideas and beliefs central to Christianity, especially as it is practiced here at Carolina. Lastly, we will be publishing Christ-inspired creative works by UNC Students."



April 1995. One issue. Cp378 UQu1

"A Newsletter for the Promotion of Black Students in Graduate and Professional Programs." Published by the Black Student Movement. UJIMA contains articles and advice for students who will be attending graduate programs. "Things To Do and Consider When Applying to Graduate Schools" and "Traveling the Long Road to Graduate School" are included.


UNC Journalist

1977 - 1990, 1991 - 2000. Cp378 UZj

The students of the UNC School of Journalism publish this newsletter. It includes articles about local, state and national journalism news, symposiums, awards, alumni, faculty, and the future of American journalism. Articles are illustrated with photos and cartoons. UNC's School of Journalism has combined the UNC Journalist and the Journalism Alumni and Friends Association News into one publication, the Carolina Communicator.


The UNC Monitor

November 2001 - present. FCp378 UQmn

The first issue of this newsletter focuses on UNC's response to the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001. Articles condemn anti-war and anti-American sentiment on campus, the use of state money to support radical thought in the university's curricula, and the need for the restoration of the freedom of speech to oppose anti-American propaganda. The editors claim that the publication is "dedicated to restoring educational traditions and raising ethical standards at UNC."


UNC News

June 4, 1959 - August 16, 1962. C071 T16.2 Microfilm: C071 T16

Summer edition of The Daily Tar Heel, June 4, 1959-Aug. 16,1962.


UNC Wallace Weekly

January - April, 1948. Four issues (two are undated). FCp378 UR5

Newsletter of the UNC chapter of the Wallace for President Club, supporting Henry Agard Wallace, the Progressive Democratic candidate for President in 1948. The paper contains quotes from Wallace and essays in support of him. There are notes from other Students for Wallace groups around the country. One issue contains the platform for the Progressive Party of North Carolina.


The UNC Young Republican

Vol. 1, no. 1. 1962. One issue. Cb378 UQuy

Published by the UNC Young Republicans Club (UNC-YRC). This broadside contains sections on YRC facts, meeting announcements, and an editorial on conservatives on campus.


The Undergraduate History Association

Vol. 1, no. 1. January 15, 1980. FCp378 UQhi

A broadside containing notes on the past semester's activities of the UHA. Includes plans for the upcoming semester.


Upward Bounder

July - August, 1966. Four issues. Cp378 UQu

Contains news, editorials, and features from participants in the Upward Bound program. Many of the essays are from individuals who reflect upon their experiences in the program. The July 17, 1966 issue includes a feature on Clyde Edgerton, then a recent UNC graduate and program leader.


Vietnam Viewpoints

November - December, 1967. Two issues. FCp378 UQv

The editors write, "Our primary objective is to provide a forum for the opinions of students and others on the war." The newspaper contains many reprints of articles from other newspapers as well as original material. There are many editorials as well as reports of protests and war news. Most of the viewpoints are strongly anti-war, though there are some dissenting opinions. The arrangement of articles, however, can be telling. "Why We Are in Vietnam" by President Lyndon Johnson is printed next to an article entitled "Johnson Restates Old Fallacies."


Virtious Woman

January/February 2000 - present. FFC378 UQv

Virtuous Woman is an independent campus publication that seeks to share the experiences of men and women of God. It seeks to "edify, inspire, encourage, and challenge women of faith on the college campus and beyond." The articles include testimonies, editorials, poetry, photos, and book reviews.


Voces del Horizonte

2000 - 2002. C378 UQv

This biannual journal is the first student publication in Spanish at UNC. It includes original works by undergraduates written in Spanish, as well as original artwork that was inspired by Spanish classes and Hispanic cultures. The journal's goal is "to encourage cultural awareness through the recognition of artistic achievement in Spanish." Continued by Horizontes.


The Weathervane

May 19 - July 21, 1943. Weekly. Six issues. FC378 UQw

Newsletter of the Air Force training detachment of pre-meteorology students in Chapel Hill. There are occasional features and some war news, but most of the magazine contains notes from the unit and accounts of sports competitions between sections of the detachment in everything from softball to swimming to ping-pong.


The Weekly Ink

No. 1 - 9. September - October, 1973. Cp378 UQw

"Notes of Importance from the BSM (Black Student Movement) Minister of Information and Staff." Contains BSM news and announcements, election profiles, and calendars of upcoming events, with some attention is devoted to national, state, and local news briefs of interest to black students.


Weekly Tar Heel

July 23, 1953 - August 13, 1953 C071 T16Microfilm: C071 T16

Summer edition for The Daily Tar Heel.


The Well-Being

Vol. 1, Ed. 1, March 2011 -

C378 UQw2

Contains articles and advice for students concerned about healthy living, nutrition, and exercise.


The White and Blue

Vol. 1 - 2. 1894 - 1895. Weekly. Merged with the Tar Heel after vol. 2, no. 20. FFC378 UXW1

The editors write, "It is the aim of the White and Blue to represent every phase of our University life and to discuss all matters pertaining to the welfare of the University." The paper includes short notes on religious life and club news and lengthier accounts of UNC sporting events. The most in-depth pieces are the editorials. A short section entitled "Locals" is included in every issue and gives brief accounts of who was in town and what they were doing.


The White and Blue

Vol. 1 - 6. 1989 - 1994. Monthly. C378 URd2 (original), FC378 UQwh1 (photocopy) Microfilm: C378 URd

"A publication of the Dialectic and Philanthropic Societies." Though an organ of the Di and Phi societies, this magazine is of general interest. There are essays on a variety of topics (not necessarily limited to campus issues), sections on UNC history, student fiction and poetry, and some news and history of the societies. The Proceedings of the Society meetings and transcripts of debates are also included. Beginning in the fall of 1992, the publication was opened to accept submissions from the entire student body.



Vol. 1, no. 1 - 2. October - November, 1958. Monthly. Two issues. Cp378 UR61

Subtitled, "A Journal of Christian Thought," Why? is the student publication of the Wesley Foundation at UNC. It includes essays on theology, philosophy, and morality. There are a few short pieces on Wesley Foundation events and organizational matters.


The Winstonian

Vol. 1 - vol. 2, no. 1. 1959 - 1962. Monthly. C378 UQw

Publication of Winston Residence Hall. Includes essays, jokes, and occasional short stories and poetry. Stories are not limited to Winston-related matters, though all of the contributors seem to be residents of Winston. There is some dorm news, minutes from meetings, and accounts of parties.


The Worthless Gazette

Vol. 1, no. 8 - 10. June - July, 1966. Cp378 UQwo

The editorial statement reads, "we are back to do battle with: grits, politicians, klansmen, presumptuous weenies -- in short, EVERYBODY." The magazine includes satires on other campus publications and articles on civil rights issues. There are occasional features and comics about "Super Grit," the "uber-WASP of the South."


The X-Hi-Y

Vol. 2, no. 1 - 3, April - May 1927; vol. 7, no. 1. April 1932. Biweekly. Four issues held. Cp378 UQx

"Published under the auspices of the Y.M.C.A. by Freshman Friendship Council of the University of North Carolina." The publication contains advice to freshman, often in the form of motivational editorials encouraging good citizenship and hard work. There is some Y.M.C.A. news and information on sports and clubs. Several articles contain a general introduction to campus groups and/or institutions such as student government and the honor code.


YMCA / YWCA Publications

The "Y" Newsletter. 1948 - 1951.

The Carolina Y Quarterly. Vol. 1 - 2. 1952 - 1954.

YMCA Digest. Vol. 3. 1955.

The Y-Courter. 1956.

News from the YMCA-YWCA. 1957 - 1958.

Excelsior! 1965 - 1976. FC378 URy

All are short newsletters dedicated to the people and activities of the Campus Y. News, announcements, calendars, and occasional short features are included.


Yackety Yack

1901 - present. Annual. C378 UPy

The Yackety Yack succeeds the Hellenian, which was published by campus fraternities, as the official UNC yearbook. The introduction to the first (1901) issue reads, "With this issue of the Yackety Yack begins a new movement in the publication of a university annual. . . The effort has been made to make it representative of the whole life of the university." The Yackety Yack has changed very little since it was first published. It has always featured class pictures and information about campus clubs, sports, and organizations. Earlier issues featured class histories and a stronger emphasis on fraternities and secret societies. Recent numbers have devoted more space to athletics and entertainment. The number of feature photographs in the yearbook has increased substantially through the years. Notable Yackety Yack editors have included Thomas Wolfe (1920).


The Yellow Journal.

Issues held: vol. 1, no. 2 (no date); May 15, 1925; May 4, 1926; May 13, 1927; May 11, 1928; May 10, 1929. FFC378 UQy

Published under the auspices of the Sigma Upsilon National Literary Fraternity. This paper, which the editors proclaim "will give publicity to the true state of affairs on the campus" and "will razz those men who deserve to be razzed" was published "whenever a state of affairs [came] about on the campus that such a paper [was] needed." The Yellow Journal consists of satires on campus life, the Playmakers, faculty and administrative figures, fraternities, and a large number of what seem to be personal or inside jokes. Nearly an entire issue is devoted to news and jokes about a student named Ed Hudgins.



Vol. 1, 1995 - present. C378 UQz

The successor to the Phoenix. A feature magazine covering many aspects of campus life, it often includes profiles of student and administrative leaders. Articles include features on local bands, an article about a student who hiked the Appalachian Trail, and an examination of race relations on campus.