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Humor Exhibit -- 1846 - 1985

BiWeekly 'Pede (1970-1974)


This heading is from the second issue of the BiWeekly 'Pede. This issue is available in the North Carolina Collection under the call number: FC378 UQbi

BiWeekly 'Pede. 1970-1974. Irregular.

This publication contains the record of King Nyle I (student Nyle Frank) and the Invisible University of North Carolina (IUNC). Most of the issues consist of a single photocopied sheet with typing and drawings on each side. The IUNC was a rebellion against the stiff requirements and formality of the University. All of the work appears to have been done by King Nyle himself. Invisibleness is defined as "INanity, VIrility, SItting Bullism, BLEssedness, and NESSelrode Pudding." The beginning issues cover the coronation of King Nyle in December 1970. The latter issues, in Spring 1974, contain interviews with the former King and a paper on "How to Grow and Nourish Your Own Invisible University."