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UNC Student Publications by Subject:


Betelgeuse (1969)

The Bi-Weekly 'Pede (1970-1974)

Bounce: Carolina's Satirical Spin on the World (2001-)

Buck Junior (1931-1933)

Carolina Boll Weevil (1922-1924)

The Carolina Buccaneer (1924-1937)

Carolina Finjan (1934-1935)

The Daily Far Afield (1971)

The Illuminati (1985)

Literary Trumpet (1846)

Ram and Ewe (1957-1958)

Sliced Bread (1992-1993)

Tar an' Feathers (1940-1942)

Tar Baby (1911-1912)

Tar Baby (1919-1921)

Tarnation (1947-1954)

The Worthless Gazette (1966)

The Yellow Journal (1925-1929)