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Humor Exhibit -- 1846 - 1985

Yellow Journal (1925-1929)

Yellow Journal Masthead

YellowJournalThis masthead comes from the front page of the May 10, 1929 issue of The Yellow Journal. The article comes from Vol. 1 no. 2, which was undated. These issues and others
are available in the North Carolina
Collection under the call number: FFC 378 UQy

The Yellow Journal. vol. 1 no.2 (no date); May 15, 1925; May 4, 1926; May 11, 1928; May 10, 1929.

Published under the auspices of the Sigma Upsilon National Literary Fraternity. This paper, which the editors proclaim "will give publicity to the true state of affairs on the campus" and "will razz those men who deserve to be razzed" was published "whenever a state of affairs [came] about on the campus that such a paper [was] needed."

The Yellow Journal consists of satires on campus life, the Playmakers, faculty and administrative figures, fraternities, and a large number of what seem to be personal or inside jokes. Nearly one entire issue is devoted to news and jokes about a student named Ed Hudgins.