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Text of Letter to George McCoy, October 3, 1929

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Oct. 3, 1929

Dear George: Thanks very much for your good letter and the clipping. I must write briefly now -- but I'll try to answer more fittingly later.

I was 29 years old about 15 minutes ago -- but for Gods sake don't speak of it to anyone. I hope that I should do some work during this next year in which I can feel some joy. I have begun my teaching and the first week has kept me quite busy. My book has been printed and will be released for publication Oct. 18. I have asked Scribners to send you and Crowther each a copy, and I suppose you may get it within two weeks.

I am naturally excited over it, and hope for some success. It is a very long book -- 626 pages -- but the publishers like it. I think about it all the time, but I am unable to think anything new about it -- I have no idea what effect it will produce, or how it will be received. I told you something about this when I was home -- remember, George, that I was trying to do an honest and good piece of work -- and had no other aim but that. Also remember that I have (I hope) a larger part of my life ahead of me, and intend to do other and better work.

You know that I appreciate your friendly and generous interest in the whole thing -- write me after it comes out, and tell me how you feel about it.

I shall get busy on the matter I spoke to you about as quickly as possible -- if I should wait two or three weeks longer you understand why, don't you? I'd like to get this whole thing out of the way.

Please remember me with richest greetings to Miss Love and thank her again for the pleasant day we all spent together.

Tom Wolfe