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Finding Aids for the Thomas Wolfe Collections

View the finding aids for manuscript collections related to Thomas Wolfe.

Wolfe Family Papers, 1890-1958, CW

John Skally Terry Papers on Thomas Wolfe and Other Materials, 1917-1953, CW1

Papers Relating to Thomas Wolfe from Various Sources, 1917-1985, CW2

Elizabeth Nowell and Vardis Fisher Correspondence on Thomas Wolfe and Other Topics, 1947-1957, CW2.1

Richard Gaither Walser Papers on Thomas Wolfe, 1971-1982, CW2.2

John R. Bittner Papers on Thomas Wolfe, 1998-2002, CW2.3

Sallie Faxon Saunders Papers on Thomas Wolfe, 1923-1967, CW2.4

Richard S. Kennedy Papers on Thomas Wolfe, 1949-2000, CW2.5

Henry T. Volkening Papers on Thomas Wolfe, 1929-1940, CW2.6

Benjamin Cone Papers on Thomas Wolfe, 1929-1982, CW2.7

Kenneth Rodgers Collection on Thomas Wolfe, 1900-1937, CW2.8

Edward C. Aswell Papers on Thomas Wolfe, 1947-1958, CW3

Librarian's Papers on Thomas Wolfe, 1938-2006, CW4

Fred Wolfe Papers, 1882-1980, CW5

St. Mary's College Thomas Wolfe Collection, 1920-1990, CW6

Braden-Hatchett Collection of Thomas Wolfe Materials, 1860-1994, CW7

Aldo P. Magi Collection on Thomas Wolfe, 1900-2009, CWM

Correspondence Index

The Thomas Wolfe Collection keeps a partial index of the correspondence in the collection. In addition to the many letters from Thomas Wolfe, the collection also holds letters to and from other members of the Wolfe family, Wolfe's friends and editors, and important Wolfe scholars. Correspondence from selected people is listed on these pages. The complete index is available in the North Carolina Collection. For more information about the letters and other materials in the collection, please see the collection finding aids above.

The Correspondence Index is maintained by the North Carolina Collection on a FileMaker Pro database. The information in the database is searchable and can be arranged in a variety of formats. If more searches need to be made, refer questions to the North Carolina Collection at: wilsonlibrary@unc.edu. Please note that some of these indexes are large and may take a long time to load.

Letters from Thomas Wolfe
Letters from W.O. Wolfe
Letters from Julia Wolfe
Letters from Maxwell Perkins
Letters from Edward Aswell
Letters from Aline Bernstein
Letters from Elizabeth Nowell