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Carolina Quotables

"The seat of the University was next sought for, and the public eye selected Chapel Hill--a lovely situation--in the center of the state--at a convenient distance from the Capital--in a healthy and fertile neighborhood. May this hill be for religion as the ancient hill of Zion; and for literature and the muses, may it surpass the ancient Parnassus! We this day enjoy the pleasure of seeing the cornerstone of the University, its foundations, its materials and the architect for the building; and we hope ere long to see its stately walls and spire ascending to their summit. Ere long we hope to see it adorned with an elegant village, accommodated with all the necessaries and conveniences of civilized society."

-- Samuel E. McCorkle, address to trustees and spectators at the laying of the cornerstone of Old East, October 12, 1793


Source: William D. Snider, Light on the Hill: A History of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 1992, p. 22-23.

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