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This Day in the History of the
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January 27, 1897
The University inducted Edwin Anderson Alderman into the office of university president. Originally scheduled for October 12, 1896, the ceremony was delayed due to the heated political campaigns of that year. Alderman served from 1896 to 1900, leaving to become president of Tulane University.
February 21, 1897
The Board of Trustees passed an ordinance admitting women to postgraduate courses at the University.
June 2, 1897
The University's alma mater, "Hark the Sound," which was originally called "Hail to the Brightest Star," was first performed by the Carolina Glee Club. The words of the song were written by William Starr Myers, Class of 1897. To view the lyrics and hear a rendition of "Hark the Sound," see the Music Library's UNC-Chapel Hill School Songs.