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March 21, 1930
James Finch Royster died in Richmond, Virginia. While at the University, he was Kenan Professor of English Philology, dean of the Graduate School, and editor of "Studies in Philology." In addition, he encouraged and gave his permission to Howard Mumford Jones when the latter inquired about starting a bookstore in his office. This small bookstore evolved into the present-day Bull's Head Bookshop.
June 9, 1930
Frank Porter Graham, a 1909 graduate of the University, was elected as president. He served in this position until 1932 when he was chosen as president of the Consolidated University of North Carolina, which included the University of North Carolina, North Carolina State College of Agriculture and Engineering in Raleigh, and the Woman's College in Greensboro.
November 14, 1930
The Carnegie Library building was rededicated and renamed Hill Hall. Originally constructed as the University's library and named for noted philanthropist Andrew Carnegie (who donated $50,000, conditional upon the provision that a similar amount for the library's upkeep and future expansion be available), the building was renamed in honor of John Sprunt Hill, who provided much of the funding for the renovation. The Department of Music moved into the rededicated building and still inhabits it today.
December 5, 1930
William Cain, Kenan Professor of Mathematics, died in Chapel Hill. Cain, who was selected as one of the first five Kenan Professors, received the J. James R. Croes Medal from the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) in 1926 for a paper entitled "The Circular Arch under Normal Loads." He also served as director of the ASCE from 1912 to 1914.