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June 14, 1938
Gerald Ford, who would later become the 38th president of the United States, attended the first day of class at the University's first summer school session. Ford was attending Yale University's law school, but he had started a semester later than the rest of his classmates. He followed visiting professor Harry Shulman to Chapel Hill for summer law school classes, hoping to catch up with his fellow students in New Haven.
September 15, 1938
Author and University alumnus Thomas Clayton Wolfe died in Baltimore, Maryland. After becoming ill while in Seattle, he was sent to the Johns Hopkins University Hospital, where he died of tuberculosis of the brain, eighteen days before his thirty-eighth birthday.
November 20, 1938
Focusing on "equal and exact justice for all," Frank Porter Graham gave the keynote address at the first Southern Conference for Human Welfare, which was held in Birmingham, Alabama. With conservatives and other opponents claiming that the organization advocated integration and communism, Graham's involvement with the interracial coalition of southern progressives was heavily criticized.
December 5, 1938
After delivering an address at Woollen Gymnasium, President Franklin D. Roosevelt received an honorary LL.D. (doctor of laws) from the University.