Tobacco Bag Stringing
Mrs. Evie Wingler

MRS. EVIE WINGLER (widow), about 70 years, married and has two children living with her. Live at Reddies River, N.C.

INCOME: She rents her land to her son who gives her a third of what he makes. She has another son who has a job occasionally and helps her out.

EXPENSES: Her taxes are $1.50 a year. Speinds [sic] everything for food because she can't raise any herself.

HOME CONDITIONS: House has two rooms and she owns 37 acres of land. The house is in very poor condition and they have no conveniences or comforts. She owns a cow and a dozen hens. Stringing brings about $11.50 a month and this money keeps her from starving. Since she is unable to do any other kind of work she strings bags as much as possible. She has never suffered any ill effects from this work.

[Source: "Tobacco Bag Stringing Operations in North Carolina and Virginia." Richmond, Va.: 1939. North Carolina Collection, Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.]