Tobacco Bag Stringing
Janie Johnson

JOHNSON, MISS JANIE, aged 40, lives by herself, at Reddies River, Wilkes Co., N.C.

HOME CONDITIONS: She occupies a small two-room shack and seven acres of land. Could not determine whether she owned it or was a squatter. The roof leaked very badly and the shack was generally delapidated [sic]. She washes clothes and since this the only source of livelihood other than bag stringing, when the bags cannot be obtained she lives with her brother, who cannot afford to support her. She has been stringing bags for about five years to supplement her other work, earning therefrom about $7 a month. Before the death of her mother, who was totally helpless, she strained her back in moving her mother, which badly interferes with her washing and will necessitate her in the future doing more bag stringing.

[Source: "Tobacco Bag Stringing Operations in North Carolina and Virginia." Richmond, Va.: 1939. North Carolina Collection, Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.]