Tobacco Bag Stringing
Cora Bowers

BOWERS, MRS. CORA, aged 47, married, North Wilkesboro, N.C. Children: Flossie, aged 26. Lester, aged 22. John, aged 20. Van, aged 18. M.L., aged 16. Ordelle, aged 14. Ruth, aged 12. Margie, aged 9. Burr, aged 7.


HOME CONDITIONS: They own a three room home and 45 acres of land, only about 8 acres are suited for cultivation. She earns about $15 a month from stringing bags, which all goes for buying food and clothes. Her [sic] has been unable to locate work for the past 6 months. There is no furniture at all in the home excepting three beds and a table and a few chairs. They own 2 cows, 2 horses, and 365 chickens. They have been able to secure a little money from the sale of these chickens. It will be impossible for this family to exist if the bags are taken away. She states that she has been doing bags for years and really enjoys the work. She further states that they do not make her nervous or interfere with any of her household duties.

[Source: "Tobacco Bag Stringing Operations in North Carolina and Virginia." Richmond, Va.: 1939. North Carolina Collection, Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.]